Lost Saturday

Saturday came and went with a complete pointlessness.

What a waste of a day. 50% of the weekend shot to hell.

I woke up feeling a little out of sorts and looked out the window…it was grey and looked like it might rain. The weather report confirmed the same. My moods and motivations (or lack thereof) seem to be increasingly tied to the weather…and more specifically, the amount of light outside.

Daylight saving finally arrived last weekend and I immediately felt a boost – my productivity in the evening hours increased as the available daylight time increased. This will be very important over the next few months as I prepare and execute a move from this flat to the new one.

So maybe yesterday the grey clouds made the inside of my head grey…I certainly didn’t have any focus or idea of how I should spend the day. So, in fact, I wasted it. Completely.

A shower after 12noon, a 20 minute wait for a bus to Officeworks for a pointless bout of window-type shopping, another bus to the Annandale fish & chip shop followed by another bus to the Broadway Centre. Where I wandered mindlessly around Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) and Dick Smiths. Didn’t buy anything, just meandered around.

I did manage to touch the new Nokia E5 and compare it – size and looks wise – to my current phone – the Nokia E63. But that was about the only highlight of the expedition.

Suddenly it was 5pm and it occurred to me that I could go to the Midnight Shift for a few late afternoon/early evening bevvies. So further waiting on two buses, a bit of a walk and I was there.

I saw Gen-y radio DJ Tom Ballard, spurned ex-lover of the loathful “comedian” Josh Thomas, walking across Oxford Street eating chips and carrying a handbag. I did a double-take. He looked shorter in real life. Anyway….

I foundy mself at the Midnight Shift at about 5.50pm on a Saturday afternoon. In what can only be described as a sparsely populated God’s Waiting Room. Boy, was it depressing. Yet I didn’t have the motivation or spark to move on to somewhere else. I just kind of sat there in a stupor for a few bevvies and then decided to pull up stumps.

More waiting for 2 buses home…glancing through the Gay press: SX and Sydney Star Observer. An hour or so later I ended up back here surfing the net looking at cameras and netbooks.

Yoda came home from his Peculiar Tart (Petula Clark) concert, we chatted a bit, he went onto the internet in his room and I zoned out in bed in my room. And that was it. 50% of the weekend gone.

Not one of my finest Saturdays.

Not even in the Top 500.



  1. Hi Graeme

    Any chance of uploading some of those beautiful photo’s you took last week at the Exhibition…we do look good in living color too…….some of us have aged a little but
    only some….lol

    • Funny you should ask. Timing! That’s what I’ve been doing for bout 4 hours today – editing the photos, rotating, resizing them etc. and creating a little video. I’ve just uploaded it – enjoy!

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