Sunday morning and I’m not happy!

In happier times (inflated)

It’s Sunday morning, the first day of daylight saving and right in the middle of a long weekend. I should be happy. But I’m not. I’m not happy, Jan!

Overnight my inflatable mattress has developed another puncture. This is the second inflatable I’ve had since moving to Yoda’s place. It blew out earlier in the week and we spent ages trying to track down where the leak was and then repairing it with a bicycle tyre repair kit. It worked for a few days but now the bed is flat again.

I am completely over it. I have at least another month or so of this until we move to the new flat and I can’t tell you how uncomfortable it is to sleep on a deflated, inflatable mattress. I’ve been doing it for two months now. Over it, over it, over it.

I finally gave up all pretence of trying to continue to sleep and got up to use the PC. But guess what, Yoda is downloading again so the internet connection is like Driving Miss Daisy. It seems almost every time I want to use the net, Yoda’s on his downloading some bullcrap or other. Compared to sharing an internet connection, sharing a bathroom is relatively easy.

So here I am, in my PJs, out of bed on a Sunday morning when I love to sleep in, and waiting an eternity for every internet page to load. I’m tired and grumpy and Yoda has taken a pill to get a few more hours sleep since he’s going out to a show tonight. Since the internet router is in my room I have a good mind to bloody well rip out the cord to his PC!


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