Pearl’s A Singer

I’ve been travelling down memory lane to some of the one-off hits I loved as a teenager growing up in Adelaide in the 70s. We had a TV show every Saturday called “Music Express” which was two hours of pop videos. They played all the expected hits but sometimes a few things that ended up being big in Adelaide and not so much in other states. If I looked through my 1,100 7″ vinyl singles at the storage centre, I’m sure I’d find most of them!

Anyway, this nostalgia trip all started because the song “Pearl’s A Singer” came into my head last week and I went searching for it on Youtube. I wanted to see the actual video clip – that was more important than perfect sound quality in my nostalgia quest. Thank you, Mr. Youtube for having it on there. Elkie Brooks’ voice is stunning….

And while we’re on the 70s, I think I will travel to Rio, using the music for flight…..

And here’s something from Adelaide itself – I am gobsmacked that this is even on Youtube. The guy with the afro hair is Andy Armstrong – he was my boss at CC Records. I worked at CC Records West Lakes on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings – my very first job. I used to hang around CC Records almost every afternoon after work and got to know the people who worked there. Eventually they offered me a job! Those were the days of $6.99 LPs and $7.99 cassettes! But anyway, back to this classic…Evan Jones & Ynot – Don’t You Love Summertime. And yes, I do have the vinyl single!

Now, if only I could find “Piano Man” by Thelma Houston, my nostalgia trip for the week would be complete. It seems Youtube has never heard of it. It isn’t that old…only 36 years or so 😉



  1. Totally agree, Elkie Brooks’s voice IS stunning. Saw in concert a few months ago. Fantastic.!!!!

  2. You know I don’t think Summertime ever made it to the charts in NSW. Big in Adelaide, was it?

    • It was Adelaide people who recorded it – I’m not sure if it was released in the rest of Australia. And Í’m not sure if record players had been invented in your country town of Lismore back then! ;-p

      • Maybe not, but we were still closer to Sydney 🙂

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