Eurovision – Josh was robbed!

Josh Dubovie was robbed.

I have done a complete 180 on the UK’s participation in Eurovision after last weekend. I truly believe the UK should withdraw from Eurovision – at least for a few years.

There’s every good reason to – the UK economic situation is dire and severe cutbacks need to be made. Why should the British public, through the BBC, continue to be one of the “Big 4” funders of Eurovision when it is obvious the rest of Europe hates the Britain so much?

The E.U. seems to be crumbling itself – with the financial crises in Greece, Spain and a number of other countries placing severe strain on the European Union. This might be a great time for Britain to consider quietly walking away from the E.U. and just working on making the UK the best in can be.

A wonderful symbol of a new independent Britain would be walking away from Eurovision. Perhaps the UK could even create a new song contest with places like Australia, Canada and the U.S.

What happened to Josh Dubovie on Saturday night was shameful. A wonderful guy, a wonderful singer, a terrific performance and a song that was at least better than a number of others that scored much higher. Britain placing last was the ultimate “middle finger up” from Europe.

I am happy that Germany won – it is about time they did and it will probably make the Eurovision organisers happy that one of the “Big 4” finally got a look-in. The German song and singer were pretty damn good and a lot of fun.

There were a lot of strong entries this year – but there was a reasonable proportion of dirge as usual. I can think of a few songs that deserved to be bottom – but not “That Sounds Good To Me”.

If there was one criticism of the UK’s performance it would have to be the sound mix of the backing singers. They seemed off pitch several times – they didn’t quite gel with Josh’s vocals.

But did it deserve to come last? No f*cking way!

It was pure anti-British sentiment that ensured Josh came last. And I’ve had enough with anti-British sentiment. I am over it. Soooooooo over it.

So, “Dear Rest of Europe, Please go and f*ck yourselves. Josh was brilliant. Hope you’re enjoying your financial crises!”

And to the UK, “Dear Britain, Get the hell out of the EU before it destroys you. And make the first step dumping your involvement with the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Josh is the Boss! And that definitely sounds good to me!


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  1. The Eurovision song contest is an irrelevance. At best, it used to be amusing kitsch, at worst – i.e. nowadays – it is a showcase for East European artlessness and political posturing. It needs to go the way of the Dodo, and quickly. The UK does itself no favours by continuing to even acknowledge this farce, never mind compete in it. I’ve never heard of this Josh guy, and nor will I want to, because he has now been tarred with the same brush. Not his fault, just the way it is. It may have given the world Abba, who, love ’em or hate ’em, were undeniably talented, but it’s waaaay past its sell-by date. -and in the age of American Idol, X-factor and Britain’s got (no) talent – it has more than enough competition by way of showcasing rubbish to the world.

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