Moving Hell…Day #2

James hits tilt...too much stuff!

The packing up and moving saga entered its second major day today. While I’ve been getting rid of stuff and making preparations for the last couple of weeks, the serious hard core work has started this weekend.

My fabulous friend James O’Brien (now aka “the big butch Aussie bloke”) came back again and helped out. Grant and I had made a list of “stuff to do” so everyone could just get stuck into it this morning.

“Ever seen this much stuff in one place?,” I asked James this afternoon. “Well, there was a story about someone on A Current Affair….,” he replied. Half joking, half serious.

Right now, I do feel like the crazy cat lady you see on those current affair TV shows. We’ve made so much progress but there is still so much to do. I’ll need to take a couple of days off this week to continue going through stuff in order to be able to do “the big move” by next weekend.

Some progress made: boxes packed & sealed

We’ve packed and sealed about 30 moving boxes at this point plus have packed a number of plastic storage crates. But there is still much more stuff to go through.

Today was actually quite productive – it is just the sheer scale of the job that makes it impossible to do in a couple of days even with three people working on it.

I was happy to note that Grant turned up my missing passport today. As well as a few other things I’d been scratching my head trying to find recently.

And speaking of finding things, one of James’ jobs today was to go through all my old audio cassettes and pack them neatly into storage crates. He was amazed to find a cassette he’d sent me in 1992. He was a radio announcer in the Riverina area in South-western New South Wales back then. He rang to interview me because a certain pop group (let’s call them the A***-hole group) had just had a number one album. I can vividly remember doing the interview by phone even though it was 18 years ago.

Tonight James put the interview into Mp3 format and emailed it to me. I haven’t listened to it yet but James told me edited highlights over the phone. James was totally knocked out to find this cassette and I am gobsmacked that I can still remember doing the interview – even where I was sitting in Grant’s flat when I did it!

Interview cassette from 1992

The cover of the cassette is typed because they didn’t have computers at James’ station back then. So he had to roll it into a work typewriter and do it the old way! He also had to wrap it and post it to me the old way as well. None of this digital format, internet, email scenario that exists today!

James left us about 5pm today and Grant and I kept on working for another hour before we gave up. It has been a bloody hard couple of days – all of us have aches and pains in places we wouldn’t have even thought about 10 years ago!

And all those stairs! Up and down, up and down. Arghhh! James fared the best – he’s good at heavy lifting and doing blokey things. His aches were less intense (must be his relative age!). And who knew he could pack boxes so efficiently. We think he missed his calling in life. Last night he even reversed the ute out of Grant’s car park and drove it back in. We were very impressed!

Grant and I went to the local RSL club tonight for the second night in a row. We haven’t been there for about a year but then twice in the one weekend! It was nice to have a few beers, something to eat and to review the progress made. Also to have a chat about strategy for the rest of the week. There’s a long way to go.

James is coming back to help next weekend (thank god!) and we really need to have everything moved out by the end of the weekend. Then it will be a full day’s cleaning no doubt.

Research has shown that moving house is one of the most stressful life events, right up at the top with divorce and bereavement.

I totally agree with this assessment from a website I saw tonight.

Just can’t wait til all of this is just a bad memory and life goes back to what passes for semi-normal in my world!


Moving is hell!

Moving is absolute hell.

Haven’t had a chance to update my website lately…or do much of anything else.

After a decade of living here, I have to move out. I have a decade worth of crap (and more) to sort through, box up and move. It is a nightmare. I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks now. It is never ending.

Today Yoda and James came over to help and did a fantastic job. But we only scratched the surface. They’re coming over again tomorrow morning for another day in moving box hell. You gotta love good friends!

Yoda drove for the first time in a decade today. A miracle! He did a fabulous job too.

Anyway, that’s the story…all I’ll be doing for the next week and a half is working and moving, moving and working.

I have sore legs, sore feet, sore hands, sore arms and a sore head. Plus allergies from all the dust. I’ve just had a hot shower and am off to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

(of moving)

Yoda turns 50!

Yoda turns the big Five Oh

My best friend forever turns 50 today.

What a milestone. He’s defied all the predictions and has achieved half a century on planet earth. Some may say – unkindly – that he has spent many of those years on another planet – but I, of course, would never say such a thing!

Grant is having a bit of an existential crisis over the big Five Oh. He doesn’t feel 50 years old. Or what we imagined “50 years old” would feel like when we we were kids.

But times have changed. 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30 and so on and so forth. Strangely, 10 is the new 20 – not sure what that’s all about.

Anyway, we’re all as old or as young as we feel we are. Society might look at you a certain way once you reach a birthday like 50 but it is all about how we define ourselves – not about feeling constrained by other people’s perceptions of who they think we should be.

In the photo above you see Grant at his Swedish class last night with a Swedish Princess Torta cake that James O’Brien had organised for him. The whole class made a fuss of Grant and sang Happy Birthday in Swedish to him.

It was a really lovely gesture of James to organise this and Grant was really touched by it.

Tonight we’re having drinks at our local and we’ll make a big fuss of Grant. Some of our other friends are interstate this week to see the evil A*** exhibition – but we’ll catch up with them to celebrate Grant’s milestone another time.

I don’t think it matters whether you are 30, 40 or 50 – as long as you’re surrounded with quality friends and you’ve got wonderful experiences and surprises happening in life, you’ve just gotta get on with it.

Keep on walking…as one Melodfestivalen entry said early this year.

I think I was done over by a “Barbara” last week

Having got screwed over by a bank last week, I can totally relate to these “Barbara” TV commercials. I should point out that I didn’t get screwed over by ANZ – it was another of the “Big 4” in Australia.

Let’s have a party on Uranus

Yes, really.

Rocket to Uranus?

All that and Perez Hilton.

Okay, well…not much more I can say really.

Lovely McDonald’s TV commercial from France

A warm, gorgeous, Gay-friendly TV advert from McDonald’s in France. If this doesn’t warm your heart, you’re made of ice!

Eurovision – Josh was robbed!

Josh Dubovie was robbed.

I have done a complete 180 on the UK’s participation in Eurovision after last weekend. I truly believe the UK should withdraw from Eurovision – at least for a few years.

There’s every good reason to – the UK economic situation is dire and severe cutbacks need to be made. Why should the British public, through the BBC, continue to be one of the “Big 4” funders of Eurovision when it is obvious the rest of Europe hates the Britain so much?

The E.U. seems to be crumbling itself – with the financial crises in Greece, Spain and a number of other countries placing severe strain on the European Union. This might be a great time for Britain to consider quietly walking away from the E.U. and just working on making the UK the best in can be.

A wonderful symbol of a new independent Britain would be walking away from Eurovision. Perhaps the UK could even create a new song contest with places like Australia, Canada and the U.S.

What happened to Josh Dubovie on Saturday night was shameful. A wonderful guy, a wonderful singer, a terrific performance and a song that was at least better than a number of others that scored much higher. Britain placing last was the ultimate “middle finger up” from Europe.

I am happy that Germany won – it is about time they did and it will probably make the Eurovision organisers happy that one of the “Big 4” finally got a look-in. The German song and singer were pretty damn good and a lot of fun.

There were a lot of strong entries this year – but there was a reasonable proportion of dirge as usual. I can think of a few songs that deserved to be bottom – but not “That Sounds Good To Me”.

If there was one criticism of the UK’s performance it would have to be the sound mix of the backing singers. They seemed off pitch several times – they didn’t quite gel with Josh’s vocals.

But did it deserve to come last? No f*cking way!

It was pure anti-British sentiment that ensured Josh came last. And I’ve had enough with anti-British sentiment. I am over it. Soooooooo over it.

So, “Dear Rest of Europe, Please go and f*ck yourselves. Josh was brilliant. Hope you’re enjoying your financial crises!”

And to the UK, “Dear Britain, Get the hell out of the EU before it destroys you. And make the first step dumping your involvement with the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Josh is the Boss! And that definitely sounds good to me!