Would you give a little bit of Attention To Me?

I’m having a “Nolans” moment earlier today. Last night it was a “Mamma Cass” moment and I’m morphing into having a “Kim Wilde” moment right now.

It’s been a strange few days. I’ve been sick with a cold, had a day off work, had a day at work feeling like a zombie and now have an unbearably painful toe. Possibly due to some kind of arthritis. Or something else.

Yesterday Yoda and I checked a flat available for rent in his block. The rent seemed cheaper than the current marketplace where all flats are offensively priced by greedy landlords and greedier real estate agents.

This one was being let by Richardson & Wrench and was open for inspection for 15 minutes. Yes, that’s all you get thesedays – 15 minutes. And people were lining up to see it.

It was disgusting. Filthy. Disgusting. Damaged. Worn. Dirty. And many other similar words. The landlord had no intention of fixing or cleaning anything – the Richardson & Wrench representative said “what you see is what you get”.

I just think it should be against the law for a flat to be advertised at over $300 per week when it is a hovel. It is 2010 and we are in New South Wales, not the third world. There should be legislation forcing real estate agents and landlords to make sure premises are in reasonable condition BEFORE being able to rent them out.

Yoda and I wandered from room to room a number of times. Since I have to move, we’re looking at all options. I’m not particularly demanding when it comes to somewhere to live. I don’t have high expectations. But this place was really awful. There was mould on the walls, the enamel on the bath was significantly damaged, walls were yellow with age and dirt. Yucky, yucky, yucky.

So I crossed that one off the list and Yoda and I went on a bus ride to Leichhardt and Annandale, coming back via Officeworks at Glebe and JB HiFi at Leichhardt. He bought the 2010 Eurovision double-CD and I bought Season 8 of “Family Guy” for a good price. I needed some indoor entertainment since the weather had turned (again) and I wasn’t feeling all that great.

I got a six pack of something called Tasman Gold mid-strength beer. It was only $8.99 compared to $13 for anything else I wanted. It tasted okay actually. I don’t normally drink at home but the combination of the weather, feeling off-colour and having an excruciatingly painful toe all combined to make me buy a 6-pack and a DVD! 😉

Today has been a bust as well. Apart from the Nolans and Kim Wilde, I’ve managed to put a load of washing on…and forget to turn the power on the washing machine. And not much else.

Unless you count surfing the web in my pyjamas and eating junk food.

This will not go down as one of my “classic” weekends.



  1. A weekend of wearing your pj’s, eating junk food, and surfing your hours away doesn’t come under the heading of a “lost weekend!” Sounds more like the lifestyles of the rich & famous to me! ;-))

    Hi G…I’m still lurking here in the shadows. Had to let you know I finally got to see “Arrival” a few weeks ago. They came to Washington State for the first time ever. Finally got to meet Vickie after a few years of emails. They put on a great show…and the ballroon at the Snoqualmie Casino was SRO. They’re already planning a return trip later this fall & another to Vancouver, B.C. the first of the year.

    Just had to bug you again & say a quick Hi. Hope you have quick success in finding your new mansion. Obviously these people don’t know who you are…otherwise they’d be lining up to GIVE you a place.

    Hugs, Freddie

    • Thanks for your comment Fred. Isn’t Vicky wonderful? Such a genuine human being.

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