Hoyts Big Rip-Off: $5.20 for a Choc Top

Hoyts Choc Top: The Ultimate Rip-Off

Yoda and I went to the flicks last weekend. It was a primarily forgettable film – Hot Tub Time Machine – but it was okay. People have been complaining about the prices they pay for food and drink at cinemas for years. But last weekend I experienced the ultimate rip off from Hoyts Cinema.

Whatever else I buy from the Candy Bar when I go to the movies, I must ALWAYS have a Choc Top. It’s a tradition, a ritual. Going back to the 70s for me. I love my Choc Tops! I did the same last weekend at Hoyts Broadway. Lined up for the usual appallingly slow service at the Candy Bar to buy my Choc Top.


Yes that’s right – Hoyts are now charging $5.20 for a bog-standard Vanilla Choc Top! Have a look at the photo above – there’s nothing special about this Choc Top from Hoyts. It is a standard, mediocre-sized Choc Top. And they’re charging $5.20 for it.

Well that’s one rip-off too many for me. I’ve already cut down my visits to the movies with ticket prices around $17 but, from now on, if I do go and I want an ice-cream, I’ll pop into an adjacent supermarket or convenience store and buy something.

Hoyts: BIG FAIL!



  1. You are all out of date Hoyts Garden City WA , a Chock Top yesterday 31/05/15 they charge $6.80 for one.

  2. I agree totally that Its an absolute joke! Almost $16.00 for my 3 kids to have one each, and as I always liked them myself would have loved one too but would not buy another simply on principle. I thought $20 bucks would have surely been able to get us all one ie: a family of 5, but greedy hoyts is just out to rip parents and everybody else off, so we gave to the kids and went without, as we usually do at Hoyts. Having nobody to compete with is the reason they think they can do what they like and it stinks.

    • Last night we were at Hoyts again. 2 medium diet cokes and 1 choc top = $17.40. I just about passed out. Needless to say we won’t make that mistake again and will be sneaking in drinks etc. in the future. 

  3. I got a shock when I payed $10.40 for two choc-tops last night at Hoyts. Thought the guy must have mis-read the prices! No more choc-tops for me either.
    BTW, spendless.net.au has discounted movie tickets, so I’ll be getting some from there instead of forking out $17 a pop. Also the supermarket is just next door.

    • Yeah, I must say going to the movies has become a rare event for me because of the insane pricing. And I do end up going to the supermarket to get some snacks and a drink prior to the movie. Paying something like $6 for a large diet Coke at Hoyts is insanity.

  4. As if the ticket prices themselves are not steep enough the big cinema chains make most of their profit from sales of drinks and sweets. Enough said.

  5. I have always said that I don’t mind paying full retail for stuff from the candy bar but cinemas hike up the prices so much that I very rarely buy anything from them. They are such a rip off. The only exception is when I go the Dendy – I have to have a rhubarb flavoured choc top. At least Deny only charge $4.20.

    Rhubarb ice cream – mmmmmm.

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