Look who’s back!

Chippie! Chippie! Chippie!

it was a nice surprise to see him at my local supermarket this week. Surrounded by hundreds of packets of “chippies”. The famous Gobbledok seems to be making a return to Smiths Chips advertising. And about time. I love the Gobbledok.

He likes chippie, chippie, chippies even more than I do!

The Gobbledok is a fictional advertising character in Australia from the late 1980s to mid 1990s. It is a pale brownish alien with an obsession for eating Smith’s Potato Crisps. The Gobbledok subsisted on Smith’s Crisps because they reminded it of its home, Dok the Potato Planet.

This small irregularly shaped world can be found just a little southeast of the “Large Magellanic Cloud” and is reported from spectral analysis to be almost entirely composed of complex starch molecules, surrounded in an Acrylamide crust, theorised to be due in part to the extreme effects of the planet’s mostly Triglyceride atmosphere, and extremes of seasonal temperature.

The Gobbledok became famous for his catchphrase “chippie, chippie, chippie!”


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