1% Inspiration and 99% C.B.B.

I keep being reminded that I haven’t updated my blog. Yes, it has been a couple of weeks. What can I say, doing this website is 1% Inspiration and 99% Can’t Be Bothered sometimes. I’ve been waiting for the 1% inspiration to show up!

Sure I’ve had things to write about. And pictures to go with those things. But when the C.B.B. bug bites, it bites hard! It only takes a lesbian wedding, a weekend away and a busy time at work and suddenly you realise you haven’t put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) for more than a fortnight. Perhaps if they invented a machine where you could speak your blog into it and it automatically edited and uploaded it for you? As long as it wasn’t by Apple, I’d buy it.

Anyway, in other news, I went to see a gig weekend before last featuring long time friend Greg Roberts on guitar. It was part of the “Weekend Warriors” series where musicians who want to be part of a band are put together with like-minded musos and end up by getting their own gig. The band that Greg was part of was named “The Librarians” and they were brilliant.

A bunch of us headed to the Bald Faced Stag at Petersham to see Greg rock out with his new buddies. We were very impressed with the result. It was a fun night.

Greg rocks!

Greg in guitar heaven

Best buddy Judy congratulates Greg after the show

The gang chinwagging at Greg's gig



  1. Thanks for that Graeme. It was so good you were there. great photos. One of the best nights I’ve had in quite a while.

  2. Whoa!! that photo of Greg & Judy is so beautiful…they are made for each other!!

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