“Hazel, we’ve got lesbians”

You may now kiss the bride

No, this is not an episode of the UK “Queer As Folk,” this is the wedding of JudgeG’s niece to her same sex partner last weekend.

Yoda and I were down in Canberra for the festivities along with about 100 other guests. It was big, big, big! A string trio, specially designed outfits, a candlelit memorial table to my mother, personalised snow globes and pens, a live band, choreographed bridal party dancing and occasional Pink numbers….it was all there and much, much more.

Lesbian Snow Globe

I actually think personalised snow-globes are going to be the must-have accessory for all lesbian weddings this year. And when you team it with a pen for each guest engraved with the happy couple’s names on it…well, it’s just too chic for words!

The Judge, the 2nd cousin, the brother

It was great to catch up with my wild second cousin (2ndC) and also my favourite brother who had both flown over for the event. The wild 2ndC had way, way too much red wine and was falling every which way by the end of the night. We’re a very broadminded, accepting family so we didn’t bat an eyelid.

JudgeG has a great niece, truly great!

I got to meet my great niece for the very first time. What a fabulous kid – she’s a real performer and lots of fun. And well behaved….who could ask for more?

Yoda and I went down to Canberra on the bus. It’s only about 3 1/2 hours thesedays. We stayed at motel hell (or that’s what we’re calling it anyway). It was supposed to be an “executive studio apartment” but it was really just a motel room with a full-sized fridge and microwave oven thrown in. Still, we survived the weekend and even managed to squeeze some shopping in at Civic and Woden. Yes, we braved Canberra’s ACTION buses and visited the suburbs!

Sunny days in the A.C.T.

So far, the A.C.T. is the only place in Australia where same sex civil partnerships are legally recognised. And it has taken three goes at the legislation to even make it happen in Canberra. Why the rest of the country is so far behind the times….well, I guess we’re just a little backwards.

JudgeG has decided that if he ever gets married – when that perfect combination of American college dude / surfer guy / marine shows up – it will be a much smaller event. Perhaps something down the local pub with $10 meals and happy hour bar prices. Yes, that would be more in line with the Judge’s image. White trash but with air conditioning.

The deed is done...the paperwork has been completed and the bridal party look happy


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  1. Hey Judge G – was great to see you at the wedding…thanks so much for trekking to the ‘berra. We had a wonderful time, and it was fabulous to hang out with you guys and all the family at the “recovery” brunch/lunch/drinks the next day at Tilley’s.

    We’ll look out for your surfer/college guy/marine dude for you! We love weddings! and can’t wait for your white trash one…we have a million ideas already.

    Love and hugs from the Can-can nieces xx

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