Look who’s back!

Chippie! Chippie! Chippie!

it was a nice surprise to see him at my local supermarket this week. Surrounded by hundreds of packets of “chippies”. The famous Gobbledok seems to be making a return to Smiths Chips advertising. And about time. I love the Gobbledok.

He likes chippie, chippie, chippies even more than I do!

The Gobbledok is a fictional advertising character in Australia from the late 1980s to mid 1990s. It is a pale brownish alien with an obsession for eating Smith’s Potato Crisps. The Gobbledok subsisted on Smith’s Crisps because they reminded it of its home, Dok the Potato Planet.

This small irregularly shaped world can be found just a little southeast of the “Large Magellanic Cloud” and is reported from spectral analysis to be almost entirely composed of complex starch molecules, surrounded in an Acrylamide crust, theorised to be due in part to the extreme effects of the planet’s mostly Triglyceride atmosphere, and extremes of seasonal temperature.

The Gobbledok became famous for his catchphrase “chippie, chippie, chippie!”


En Enda Röst

I bought this song many years ago in a second hand record shop in Sweden. I played it a lot even though I had no idea what the lyrics were about, let alone the title of the song. I later found out it is called something like “A Single Voice” and that it was a charity single.

I’d love to know the lyrics and what they mean in English but I can’t find anything on the net.

Amusingly, a couple of years after I bought this CD single, a neighbour heard this playing in my flat (obviously I was playing it way too loud!) and said she loved it and wanted a copy of it. She thought it was Spanish!

I rediscovered this song tonight. Recently, during a clean-up, I found the disc for “20 Years With Nanne” and I’ve been playing many Nanne, One More Time and miscellaneous Swedish songs tonight. Somehow I ended up with “En Enda Röst”.

The Bird Dance/Chicken Dance

I dedicate this to my Dad who used to torture Yoda with this song on the car cassette player every time we had to pick up/drive him somewhere. It became a running joke, every time Yoda got in the car, Dad would have the song ready for him. Yoda hates this song with a vengeance!

South Park Facebook episode

This is a portion of South Park’s “Facebook” episode. It manages to cover quite a bit of what I loathe about F*Book in just a few minutes!

Not my birthday

It's gonna be all downhill from here

I’m barely out of bed this morning and someone just rang me and started singing happy birthday to me and then hung up.

It’s not my birthday.

It’s going to be one of those days, isn’t it?

You couldn’t make this stuff up…

Seriously, you couldn’t make this sh*t up if you tried. The graphic above is an actual screenshot of the top searches that bring people to this website. I swear, of all the things I’ve written on http://www.thebestjudge.com, it is Matt Mitcham and the doodles that remain at the top of the list.

Well, the world really is an amazing place! 😉

I have found the ultimate T-Shirt

This T-Shirt says it all.

I sooooooooooo want this T-Shirt!!!!