Sometimes the studio version makes all the difference

Melodifestivalen 2CD

There was a song in Melodifestivalen this year called “STOP” by Sibel. It took me a while to latch on to it but, when I did, I wasn’t impressed with the performance. Sibel’s notes seemed to be all over the place. And the two false endings of the song confused both the audience and me!

However, now that the Melodifestivalen double-CD is in my hot little hands all the way from Sweden, I’m gaining a new perspective on some of the songs that were performed live in the contest over the last 6 weeks. Yes, there are some really AWFUL ones on there – the R&B, hip-hop, rap type tracks are all appalling. I have to skip them when they come around on my mp3 player. But, other tracks have really grown on me.

One of those is actually Sibel’s “STOP”. I’ve really fallen in love with the studio version and I’m playing it all the time. I’ve done a bit of a 180 turn on this one but the recorded version and the live version are like chalk and cheese.

I found the studio version on Youtube and that inspired me to write this post. I don’t think this track would be out of place on the charts in the U.K., the USA or Australia. See what you think…


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