James is in Stockholm

Ooh he's as cold as ice...

My good friend James has arrived in Stockholm and a 24 hour journey covering Sydney, Bangkok and Helsinki.

James isn’t frigid but Stockholm sure is as you can see from the picture here. It’s all ice, ice baby in Sweden. They’re having the longest winter they’ve had in eons. Normally the people and the weather have thawed out a bit by now!

James has uploaded a load of photos and a description of his first day in Sweden on his website jamesobrien.id.au  He’s going to be updating the site regularly and you’ll be able to follow his ice-age adventures in Sweden over the next month.

That is, when he’s not out partying, attending concerts, Melodifestivalen dress-rehearsals and catching up with people of course!


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  1. This morning, the sky is quite blue actually. Breakfast soon, and then heading out.

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