Maggie Burns & Co – Patchs, Sydney – 1985

These are the last two songs from Maggie Burns & Company’s “Games” which was performed at Patchs, Oxford Street, Sydney for several months in 1985. Generally at 2am! And I should know – I was there for quite a few of those performances.

Home video cameras were new and expensive and a then friend of mine had one and was happy to film the show for me. He did a bloody good job considering he’d never seen it before. The cast were a little nervous as it was the first time they’d been filmed. A couple of years later it become commonplace for fans and friends to film just about every drag show around Sydney.

I tried something different with this video. It’s in supposed HD. This meant it took about four hours to upload to Youtube.   I think I’ll go back to normal quality for any future uploads!

Oh, a side note…I still have a pair of the sunglasses used at the beginning of “Coming Out of Hiding.” Well, they’re a piece of history, aren’t they? This all happened 25 years ago and at least one of the cast is no longer with us.

The end of the video – the talk spot – goes on for a minute or so longer but Youtube has a maximum clip time of 10 minutes so I had to cut it early.



  1. Do you know what became of Stephanie Powers?

    • No, I have no idea. Have not heard of her for many years.

  2. The Fabulous GODDESS and where is she now does anyone know?
    She was the best and a great DJ at the Exchange Hotel in the early 1980’s.

    • Maggie is happily retired and living in Adelaide with Maggie Scott, who starred in many Adelaide shows over the years especially at the Mars Bar.

      • How do I get I touch with maggie scott

      • I’m sorry I have no idea. I only know she is living somewhere in Adelaide.

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