My two favourite Melodifestivalen 2010 entries

Melodifestivalen 2010Well, we’re at the business end of Melodifestivalen 2010. Three three semi-finals have happened and there’s only “Andra Chansen” (2nd Chance) to go before the big night. We have six confirmed songs chosen for the final already with just the two from “Andra Chansen” to go.

This year’s Melodifestivalen has been a bit dull and uninspiring. They tried to do something different, they tried to move away from “schlager” and bring in all kinds of entries. But what they brought in was mostly crap and the telecasts themselves have been pretty dull. The hosts were okay but certainly not on the level of Petra Mede or Björn Gustaffson. I did, however, love Dolph Lundgren’s “A Little Less Conversation” – that was a hoot.

Yoda will be happy because Peter Jöback qualified for the final last night with his song “Hollow.”

Meanwhile I’ve sorted through the dross to find my two favourite entries this year. First up is Eric Saade with his infectiously catchy “Manboy.” For some reason. parts of the song remind me of “Womanizer” by Britney Spears!

Next up are those perenial favourites, Alcazar. This year they’ve gone with something that is more typically schlager than before and I think it’s quite fab. There have been a few comments about “Headlines” not being up to the standard of their previous entry “Stay The Night,” but I think that’s a churlish reaction. I give Alcazar and “Headlines” two thumbs up. They’re only through to “Andra Chansen” so I have my fingers well and truly crossed that they’ll get through to the final. Oh, I love the staging of this one – the Alcazar sign in lights is fab.



  1. Själv ser jag fram emot den stora finalen i Globen. Finns faktiskt många bra låtar. Ska bli spännande att se finalen LIVE igen 🙂

    • Darling I love it when you talk Swedish to me – it’s so sexy! I had to get a friend to translate but yes, I agree – it should be a fabulous final at Globen. And if you are there in the audience, it will be mind-blowing for you.

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