3pm in Stockholm

Stockholm at 3pm, Saturday 27 February 2010

Can James survive the cold in Sweden?

In a few days, a boy who has only ever spent time in warm environments in Australia will be experiencing this. Last night he was wearing a short sleeve casual shirt and a pair of shorts.

Can he survive Stockholm in early March? Will he hide under the blankets in his hotel room? Will his thermals be enough? Or will he freeze his gazoolies off?

We wait with bated breath for the first installment of….”James O’Brien…Frozen in Time” 😉

Leo - you should have worn your thermals!



  1. I know you’re concerned, but I’ll be fine 🙂 I’m planning on wearing shorts again today. I might as well make the most of it.

    • James will definitely be fine. But I am doing the far better trip though because I will be in Australia on Friday. I am swapping continents with him and I get the better weather. Yeah!

      • Well let’s hope the weather clears up nicely for you here. It’s pretty rainy and tragic at the moment. Still, I suppose it’ll make a change from minus 30C no matter what it’s like here!

    • 24 hours to go before you fly out to the ice age…er, I mean Stockholm! Have a fantastic time and make sure you catch up with Gustav – he needs to get out more 😉

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