The Dugites….Waiting

Sometimes I just have to face up to it…I don’t agree with a lot of people a lot of the time. Rather than wimp out and change my opinion to something more “acceptable”, I’d rather just be true to myself.

And such is the case with this song. The Dugites “Waiting” (seen below from 1981). When it came out it just blew my mind. It should have sold a gazillion, bazillion copies. But did it? No. It wasn’t even a particularly big local hit. So very sad.

Maybe I’m just turning into a “Quentin Crisp” type person? Without the makeup, of course.

Last night I saw “An Englishman In New York” at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras Film Festival closing night. It was the follow up to the mega-acclaimed “Naked Civil Servant” from the 70s.

I absolutely loved “An Englishman In New York.” I loved the fact that it didn’t try to be arty-farty and simply told Quentin Crisp’s story as it was. I loved the fact that John Hurt reprised the role he first did over three decades ago – and was even better at it this time around!

I loved the fact that, as someone who was a bit of a Quentin Crisp fan, it gave me knowledge and understanding of what happened in the post-Naked Civil Servant part of his life. I loved the fact that it gave me an insight into why he was what he was, why he thought the way he thought. It gave me some closure on Quentin Crisp and for that I’m very grateful.

The acting all around was superb. I loved the movie for it’s simplicity and linear nature. But those very things seem to be a big part of the reason why it has been dissed or dismissed by some critics and movie fans. From the research I did last night, there seems to be a feeling that “An Englishman In New York” is pretty average. I couldn’t disagree more.

And if I’m in a discussion about it with people, I won’t nod my head, look down, go “mmm, mmm” and back away from stating my opinion. Nor would I expect the people I am talking to do the same. A bit of social lubrication is always nice to help smooth relations and situations between people. But perhaps, like Quentin Crisp, I want to be authentic and true to myself in conversations and dealings with friends, family and people I meet.

It does tend to make me the odd man out a lot of the time. It does tend to cause friction from time to time. But I wonder what the alternative is for me? Taking it up the arse and agreeing with everything I disagree with just to smooth things along? I’d rather a robust discussion between parties that might have to end with “agreeing to disagree” or “totally disagreeing with your opinion but respecting your right to express it.” I prefer a truer, open and honest communication between people. I think loving a good argument is a good thing. I love to have a big slagfest with friends and then have a laugh about it with them later.

See, “An Englishman In New York”, has got me thinking about all this stuff overnight. Quentin was a true original and I think he was a particularly ballsy guy – even if he, himself didn’t think that.

The movie also makes some very important points about discrimination within the Gay community. In some ways, the Gay community has become it’s own worst oppressor.

I am going to order the movie on DVD. I do want to have it in my collection. And if you disagree, well, screw you buddy! 😉


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