Older n Last Time – a little movie gem from Aussie-land

From the Australian movie "Older n Last Time"

There’s still one good thing about the very tarnished Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras – and that’s the Film Festival put on by Queer Screen.

As usual, this year I’d circled about 10 movies I wanted to see at the festival. And, as usual, session times, logistics and vagueness on my part saw me attend only a few of the screenings I’d circled. Sometimes you can catch up with what you’ve missed by buying the DVDs when (if) they are released, but not always. And anyway, there’s always something special about seeing a queer film with a totally queer audience.

My BFF Yoda has joined me up to Queer Screen as a Christmas present so hopefully I’ll get to attend more screenings and stuff throughout the year.

One movie I was absolutely determined to see, was “Older n Last Time.” I’d seen the trailer for the film and it just grabbed me. I now know that the trailer is the worst thing about the movie. The trailer makes the film look a bit tacky and amateur – completely opposite from the reality. “Older n Last Time” is a gem, an absolute gem.

It is a follow-up to a movie shown at last year’s festival, “Damaged Goods”, which has been shown nowhere else apart from that screening last year. It is also not available on DVD and doesn’t look like being released in the near future. Neither does “Older n Last Time” so I am so very glad I got to see it at the festival.

Look, this is a privately funded movie made as a labour of love by the writer/director (who was present at the screening). It’s sooo Australian in many ways – and that is part of its charm. It was filmed around the Surry Hills/Darlinghurst areas of Sydney and you can see locations and places you know in real life. My friend James absolutely loved that aspect of it.

Centering on an older Gay couple who have fostered two children (who are now adults) and the craziness of their day-to-day lives and those of their extended family. Of their two – now adult – foster children, one is straight and the other is Gay. They’re both going through their own dramas and throw into that, the idea that the (formerly drugged out) mother who abandoned of one of them, now wants to re-establish contact.

Of the older couple, one of them is bored and now wants to foster another child while his partner is dead against it. Reasoning that they’ve done their bit and now it is time for them to enjoy life with a world trip or similar activity, he tries to dissuade his partner with glamorous travel brochures and plans – but his partner is having none of it.

There’s a lot of activity happening in the movie – it’s a bit hard to sum up quickly. And, as I said, the trailer is not reflective at all of how special this film really is. I walked out of the cinema on a high. I loved the characters, I loved the story and I loved being part of their world for short time. The Director said that there is a possibility of a third movie to complete the trilogy and I will be hanging out for that one – I want to spend time with these characters again.

The most disappointing thing is that “Older n Last Time” and “Damaged Goods” have not been screened anywhere else – and possibly won’t be. They’ve been rejected by Gay & Lesbian film festivals around the world. Which makes me think again that we Gays are our own worst enemies these days. Oh, and it also makes me think Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Directors are a bunch of card carrying c*unts!

“Older n Last Time” deserves to be seen by a much wider audience and it certainly deserves a DVD release. When you think of some of the crappy Gay DVDs that have been spewing out from America in the last few years, then “Older n Last Time” certainly deserves to be on a DVD and sold via the usual channels.

If you get a chance to see this movie, wherever you are in the world, please take the opportunity. It’s a priceless bit of a feel-good charm from the land down under.


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  1. I agree with all you have said and do hope that the writer /director will make a third film and complete the trilogy. what a shame that neither of these films could be seen on DVD or other release.

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