Pauline is leaving Australia…

Oh dear, Pauline Hanson is leaving Australia and moving to the U.K.

“CONTROVERSIAL political figure Pauline Hanson has decided to leave Australia for good in search of a more peaceful life.The former One Nation leader has revealed to Woman’s Day magazine that she is selling her Queensland home and moving to the UK.
“I’m going to be away indefinitely. Its pretty much goodbye forever,” she said.
“I’ve really had enough. I want peace in my life. I want contentment, and that’s what I’m aiming for,”
In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day she said that Australia has changed too much for her liking.”

I guess you could say Pauline’s decided she “doesn’t like it” anymore.  😉

One small step forward for Australia, one giant leap backwards for the U.K.



  1. Good new Graeme the story is all a beat up..she’s only going to the UK for a holiday. Thank god for that!!

    • Oh Mark, you’re such an old right-wing apologist. How about getting modern before you start collecting the pension 😉

  2. Maybe I could swap with her, god knows I’d move to Australia in a second if the chance came up.

    I’m sure she’ll tire of the UK soon enough.

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