Youtube is like peanuts…you can’t stop at one!

Bloody Youtube. It’s addictive. It’s done it to me again, like it has so many times before.

All I did was look for “Rollercoaster” by B*Witched. I found it but there was a list of other B*Witched clips on the side of the page. And so I looked at another one….and another one…and – well, you get the idea. You’ve probably done it yourself. Pretty soon your simple little web search has turned into an obsession/addiction.

And it doesn’t even stay with your original subject. You get led into something that’s vaguely related and suddenly it’s two hours later and you’ve just watched a series of completely bizarre unrelated videos and you’re wondering where your day went.

The humidity level in Sydney is 88% and probably higher in JudgeG’s flat. I’m sitting here sweating like a grunter and maybe that’s why I ended up on “Blame It On The Weatherman” by B*Witched. “Rollercoaster” is now “so like 5 minutes ago!” for me and it’s all about “Blame It On The Weatherman.” Can’t stop watching it and can’t get it out of my head..” Arghh!!!

My mood is now melancholy and sweaty! 😉

But I won’t blame it on myself, I’ll blame it on the weatherman.

And if we want to add a little Wikipedia obsession to the mix, I can tell you…

Blame It on the Weatherman” is a song by B*Witched, released as the fourth single from their debut album. Like the other three singles from the album, “Blame It on the Weatherman” reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart. With this B*Witched became, at the time, the first act to have their first four singles all debut at #1 in the UK. Despite success in the UK, it slightly underperformed reaching #9 in Ireland. It became the group’s first single to miss the top ten in New Zealand.
It was eventually included on the 2003 Charmed soundtrack as a bonus track, having been featured in the season five episode “A Witch’s Tail (Part 2)“.”

It’s just one more day
No one said
There would be rain again
Won’t blame it on myself, yeah
I’ll blame it on the weatherman
Get away for a while
Here I am out on my own again
Won’t blame it on myself, yeah
I’ll blame it on the weatherman

Standing on the shore
Calling out your name
I was here before
I could see your face
Only clouds will see
Tears are in my eyes
Empty like my heart
Why do ya say goodbye

The rain goes on (on and on again)(repeat x2)

Alone I can hear
Hear our song
Playing for me again
Won’t blame it on myself, yeah
Just blame it on the weatherman

The rain goes on (on and on again) (x2)


B*Witched – Rollercoaster

I’ve been really slack about getting a lot of my CDs zapped over to my gorgeous new 16gb Sansa View Mp3 player. I end up listening to the same things over and over cos it’s easier than tracking down CDs and going through the whole ripping process (why haven’t they invented a machine that can rip 20 CDS at a time?). But one strange choice that is on my Sansa View is this one…Rollercoaster by the Irish group B*Witched.

It’s a light, fluffy pop song from a light fluffy pop group. But something happens to my mood every time it unexpectedly pops up when I’m on the train heading to work or heading into town on the bus. I get a smile on my face and flash back to 1998 which now seems a much simpler and more joyous time than 2010.

I think it is one reason I’ve become so addicted to Sweden’s Melodifestivalen – the fun and innocence of a light, catchy pop song is still there in abundance. When I look at the charts today both here in Oz and in the former home of pop music, the U.K., there’s nothing like “Rollercoaster” – the age of the innocent, fun pop song has gone it seems.

Meanwhile, back at B*Witched…..thanks to the magic of Youtube, I’ve put the clip for the song below. It’s silly, fun and a little camp. Who knew I’d still be listening to it 12 years later.