Larger than life!

It could have been named after me.

Something I shouldn’t have done on the weekend was step onto one of those machines that tell you your height and weight. I knew the answer was going to be unpleasant but was rather shocked when it came up as 90 kilos! I almost keeled over. I almost ate the piece of paper that came out of the machine just to destroy the evidence.

Of course, it wasn’t helped by the fact that I had 4 Balfours pasties on my first day in Adelaide. I only enjoyed 2 of them…the other 2 were just because they were there and I was there – a deadly combination. So that bloated me to the side of a house and made a couple of formerly comfortable-fitting T-Shirts suddenly feel impossibly tight on me.

But I was totally shocked. I really need to do something about it. It’s not good for my health or my self-confidence. I remember getting down to about 78/79 in a weight loss challenge a few years ago. Ideally I should be about 75kg. But that ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

As soon as Yoda gets back from his cruise, he’ll be roped into helping me lose some of this overt pudginess. Of couse my legs are thin, my arms are thin…it’s all gone to my tummy and my face. Thanks for nothing!

Why haven’t they invented a weight loss pill that actually works? Is that too much to ask!!!



  1. When you jumped on the scales were you naked??? that does help..or did you just leave your socks on??

    • Being naked in a major city shopping centre wouldn’t have helped me! It would have got me arrested.

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