I must see this movie or I will start shooting people

Older n' Last Time

The program for the 2010 Mardi Gras Film festival has been released. With trailers.

I have just seen the trailer and synposis for “Older n’ Last Time.”  I simply must see it immediately. I must have tickets immediately. No doubt Yoda will pfaff-pfaff about which movies he wants to see but I MUST see this one. Otherwise I will not be responsible for my actions!

In Older n Last Time David and John have been foster carers for the past 18 years and their two foster sons Rowen and Delk are leaving home. Rowen and his girlfriend are moving to the country and Delk and his boyfriend are moving in together. David wants to foster more children, but at 55, John is ready for a life without kids.

Josh, is Delk’s Boyfriend.

Josh is an only child.

Josh’s mother wants grandchildren.

She invites the boys to the Mountains for the weekend where she announces she has Sara and Katherine coming tomorrow to discuss the possibility of Josh being the father of the child the couple want to have.

Josh has never met this Lesbian couple let alone contemplated being a father.


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  1. […] movie I was absolutely determined to see, was “Older n Last Time.” I’d seen the trailer for the film and it just grabbed […]

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