Matthew Mitcham is not circumcised

Matthew Mitcham is not circumcised

Nope, I'm not cut - satisfied now?

The things people search for on the internet……….

I’ve been having a look at the statistics for visitors to recently and have noticed some really interesting ways people find this site. The things people type into search engines never fail to bemuse me. Still, I suppose I’ve done the same thing so I shouldn’t be that surprised.

I’ve decided to answer some of the questions / search terms that frequently crop up and that somehow end up landing on

First up – Matthew Mitcham. Australian Olympic Diver, prominent and fabulous out and proud Gay man. No, he is not circumcised. Yes, disappointing of course but, well, modern life in Australia and all that. Apparently his partner Lachlan is very, very well endowed.

That’s as much as I know and I hope that clears it up for all you curious Matt Mitcham fans.

Tom & Alex from TripleJ Breakfast

Tom & Alex from TripleJ's Breakfast Show

On a completely irrelevant side note…and this could just be a ruse to mention them again..and also an excuse to put a picture up of them… Australian radio network TripleJ’s breakfast DJs, Tom Ballard and Alex Dyson, are both uncircumcised.

Interestingly, Alex’s father made sure Alex knew about cleaning underneath his foreskin from a very early age. Good for Alex’s dad. Wish more Australian parents did the same.

Most Australian guys born in the last 30 years are uncut – prior to that the opposite was true.

Okay, what’s next on the list??

Well, we’re still on everyone’s favourite search term – circumcision. People want to know if they are, can they get it done, how to tell if someone else is  etc. etc. (Note to friends: See, it’s not just me!)

How do you know if you’re circumcised
Well, circumcision is one of my “special topics”as I’m sure my friends would tell you. To answer this question I have included a composite photograph showing an uncut penis on the left and a cut one on the right. I think it makes it pretty clear. You can click on the photo to see a bigger version of it.

Uncut penis on the left, cut penis on the right

Uncircumcised penis on the left, circumcised penis on the right

As far as the uncut/uncircumcised penis is concerned, please note that the skin that partially covers the head – the foreskin – can, in many cases, cover the complete head of the penis. The foreskin should retract when the penis becomes erect. If you are uncircumcised and you are having trouble or pain with the foreskin – perhaps it doesn’t retract at all etc. – you need to see your doctor. Yes it might be a little embarrassing but you don’t need to live with the problem and there are lots of ways your doctor can fix it.

Can I get circumcised? aka Can I get circumcised even though I’m older/an adult?
Yes you can. Some doctors specialise in it. You’ll possibly need to spend a bit of time wading through all the anti-circumcision hysteria – both on the internet and from much of the medicial profession. But a bit of research should help you find a sympathetic doctor. If your local doctor says no, then ask him to refer you to another doctor who will help you.

If you want to avoid all the psycho-anti-circ lobby and get some unbiased, clear information about circumcision, go to this link which is a terrific resource.

How to tell if a guy is circumcised (at a bar for example)?
You can’t of course. Many American guys are, nearly all Jewish guys are, quite a few Muslim guys are….but there’s no definite way to tell upfront. You actually have to ask! Embarrassing, I know but that’s life all over, isn’t it?

Nokia E63 Mobile Phone

Nokia E63 Mobile Phone - Red

Nokia E63 Battery Life
Well, I’ve already done a few posts about my beloved Nokia E63 but in short….

The battery life is terrific. Yes, it does reduce after about 6 months of continual use but it is still good compared to many other phones. I’m still getting a few days between recharges even though I’m using it also for emails, twittering and taking photos here and there.

After the first few charges – where I let the battery completely drain and then fully charged it – I normally let it get down to about two bars before charging. If you’re on two bars then you actually still have quite a bit of juice left so there’s no need to panic.

The good thing also is that the battery included is a common Nokia battery and, if necessary, it’s pretty easy to buy a replacement one if you really, really need to.

Samsung 32lb350
Nope, there’s not a lot of English language information about this Samsung 32″/81cm LCD television on the internet. A few weeks ago I helped pick out this one for a friend who needed to buy a new TV quickly.

What I can tell you is this: it was easy to set up apart from attaching the stand (which isn’t mentioned until later in the book of instructions). The quality of the picture and sound is very good and my friend is extremely happy with it and would recommend it. The price was $699 as it is a Series 3 TV and has been superceded by Series 4, 5, 6 etc. You might even getter a better price if you can negotiate with someone who isn’t an arsehole like the guy who served me at Bing Lee Marrickville!

Saddle Bar Logo

The Saddle Bar, upstairs from the Midnight Shift

The Saddle Bar
This is a big one…lots of searches for this. The Saddle Bar being the new “men’s bar” upstairs at the Midnight Shift. I wrote a positive review because I really liked it as did my friend James. One person who has commented on this site has had a bad experience which he is having difficulty letting go of.

I think the Saddle Bar is a great addition to the Sydney Gay scene and I believe the management is good and positive and that the staff themselves are terrific. This, of course, is being written in January 2010 – if you’re reading this in 6 months time the story could be different.

The Midnight Shift have a website which covers both their downstairs bar and the Saddle Bar – but the information on the Saddle Bar is pretty sketchy – hopefully they’ll update it soon.

Right now I believe the Saddle Bar is a good place to be – it is a low-attitude, well run establishment and it’s the only one of its kind in Sydney.

So, there you go! (As Molly Meldrum would say)

And that’s the end of this little segment – I might delve into more unusual search terms at a later point in time.



  1. Circlist unbiased? You’ve got to be joking. They’re fetishists for it.

  2. i had matt mitcham in high school….. he was good 🙂

  3. Im glad to hear that. It means Im not missing anything. I don’t like the guy anyway. just another snob IMHO.

    • LOL! He’s not a snob, he’s just a kid really. He’s taken a lot of responsibility on his shoulders for the Gay community which is very impressive. He does and says some stupid things but that’s a product of age rather than of being a snob.

  4. BTW, Matt Mitcham is so sexy i would suck that cock any day. Before he came out of the closet, i used to fantasise about him and when he came out it was like a dream come true. My chances increased more of me getting it on with him. He’s a sexy bloke, his BF is so lucky… and how he says he’s bf is well endowned –> he can join me and matt mitcham too. it would be awesome to have a threesome with both of them!

    Love you guys.


  5. YUMM!!

  6. My husband is not circumcised but I love it that way. I had never had any sexual experiences before him but, I am extremely happy with his penis. I have seen circumcised penises but I don’t like them at all. I think uncircumcised penises are beautiful.

  7. While it’s true that circumcision took a major decline in Australia in the 1970’s it would appear to be on increase again now with more and more parents finding ways to have their boys done.

    Born in London England in 1953 I was not circumcised because my parents couldn’t get it done under the then new National Health Service (NHS) thus spent a large percentage of my life with a useless foreskin. In the mid 1970’s I came to live in Sydney Australia and was pleasantly surprised to see just how many Australian man were beautifully circumcised and started to think more about the state of my own uncut cock.

    Eventually time, place and circumstance aligned and I am happy to say that I said goodbye to my foreskin in 2001 and couldn’t be happier.

    I love how my new circumcised cock looks and feels and so does my partner who loves to remind me of how much my circumcised cock looks and tastes and how nice it feels when I am inside her.

  8. So how do you know about Matthew’s status??

    • Let’s just say changing rooms reveal all. More I cannot say!

  9. Circumcision, technology and bars. Shows the eclectic nature of your interests!

    • Oh definitely. I was always a strange little boy with strange interests. And I grew up to be just the same!

  10. Nice Graeme circumcised or uncircumcised?? I’v just had lunch…

    • Mark, After your experiences with Frank, I thought you’d be up for anything – cut/uncut/anything in a pair of trousers!!

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