Tom & Alex on TripleJ….just shoot me!

I have to put this video up because I just have to SHOW you what I’m talking about. Tom Ballard & Alex Dyson – the new DJs on ABC’s TripleJ station. They’re going to be hosting the breakfast show. Tom is Gay and Alex is straight. Great combo!

I can’t tell you if they’re great DJs, I really can’t. At the moment there is so much hype around them it’s threatening to make them ‘jump the shark’. I hope that doesn’t happen.

All I know is that they are absolutely and totally gorgeous! Whoever heard of radio announcers you want to sleep with? People are usually on radio – and not TV – for a reason, right? Well, whatever….these two are like Aussie “spunks” (as we used to say in the 70s). They’re not super-model material but they look totally um, well “real Aussie-like”. You know what I mean?

Tom especially – there’s just something about him looks-wise. Really authentic Aussie-like. Sometimes the fact that a guy is so “typical Aussie” just makes him uber-hot. I don’t know if Tom Ballard is a good human being and, at this point, I frankly don’t care. I just want to see some more good pics and videos of him. Both Tom & Alex have a tendency to try and make themselves look bad and stupid in photographs (and also a tendency to dumb themselves down in videos) so that’s why this video is so amazing – they both look their “normal” selves and are totally gorgeous!

Anyway, I’m rambling….just watch this short, semi-humorous video that’s been made to promote their new TripleJ breakfast show and see what you think.

If I wasn’t so bone lazy I’d start stalking Tom!



  1. they’re rubbish

    • That’s a bit of a vague, general comment. It could mean anything. And it still doesn’t detract from the fact that they’re both gorgeous!


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