I’m too tired to write anything

It was a long New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve has done me in. I’m completely knackered and, after getting home at 6.30am, have spent most of the day in bed asleep.

James and I met at 7.30pm and the night finished at 5.30am te next morning. I got home at 6.30am.

Whilst I wasn’t particularly smashed, I was/am zonked and in need of sleep. Today has been a write-off – sleep and a bit of DVD watching – but mostly sleep.

James wrote a bit about the night here

I’m not writing anything except that I need to recover…


(thanks to James” Nokia N85 for the picture.


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  1. I hate these young bucks that can drink all night & still be vertical the next morning. I’m afraid I would have been out for the count by the time the fireworks started. Loved the pics you sent with the card. Got them 2 days before New Years. You’re all lookin’ good down there! Keep on keepin’ on! Have a great New Year! ;-))

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