He’s still here, thank God!

The artist formerly known as John Martin's giant Father Christmas

The store might have long gone, the building might have been long gone but John Martin’s giant Father Christmas is still here!

He now adorns the front of the David Jones building but I’m just glad he’s still there. So much has changed in this sleepy little town of bizarre murders and sexual kinks that I need something to anchor me to my history and childhood.

John Martin’s always had the REAL Father Christmas in their store in the ‘Magic Cave.’ I could never work out why all th other shops had their own Santas – they were obviously fake. I think my parents explained them as being assistants to Father Christmas – like his helpers. I still thought it was suss.

As I walked past this mega-iconic installation from my childhood today, a phrase suddenly came into my head….”Pleasing you is important at John Martin’s.” Followed shortly thereafter by “Christmas Sticker please!”

What, me brainwashed by advertising as a vulnerable child?



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