Hot as hell in Adelaide

Adelaide expecting 40C+

Christmas holidays have started for me. I flew from Sydney to Adelaide at sparrow’s fart this morning. Day 1 in Adelaide has been *HOT* and sticky (unusual for Adelaide) but tomorrow is going to be soooo much worse!

I set a new personal best today. Disembark aeroplane > Pick up lugagge > bus into city > drop bag at hotel > tram to Rundle Mall > first Balfours Pasty consumed: 64 minutes!

I seriously need to buy a hat and some sunglasses tomorrow morning. Otherwise my head is going to roast in 42C. The place I am staying is well air conditioned – thank god! As are most of the buses, all the trams and all the shops I’ve been to so far.

Tonight outside was beautiful and warm – walking around the city tonight with just a T-Shirt was fine. Not that there’s much to see. I went for a drink at the Hampshire Hotel but it was dead – no doubt helped along by a surly matron of a barmaid. She had a Santa hat on but she was more ‘Mrs. Claws’ than ‘Mrs. Claus.’ Either the owners of the Hampshire are getting her labour for next to nothing or they don’t know shit about running a successful Gay pub.

I did a bit of last minute Christmas shopping today and will do some more tomorrow….er, it’s now today actually 😉 Posted a few Xmas cards, ate some pasties and generally pfaffed around the city. More of the same planned! Yoda arrives Thursday.

Although with this forecast for Wednesday, I may just lay about in my artificially cooled hotel room instead.

Forecast for Wednesday
Dry and very hot with increasing high cloud. Fresh and gusty north to northwest winds shifting moderate southerly during the evening.

Precis Dry. Cloud increasing.
City: Min 22 Max 42



  1. You’re right Stephen, the bears got kicked out of the Hampshire, who no longer wanted to be associated with bears or anything gay, so it would seem.

    I’m not so sure that the Whitmore is much of a bear pub either, to be honest. The whole things just a bid sad.

  2. I don’t think the Hampshire is gay anymore!
    I haven’t been….. but the Bears go to the Whitmore Hotel these days so I assume that is the latest gay hotel….. or should I say gay friendly!
    I reckon the so called straight pubs would be more entertaining!

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