Living with the Nokia e63: 6 months later

Still in love....JudgeG and the Nokia E63

I’ve had my gorgeous little Nokia e63 – the phone I lusted after for months – for half the year now. What’s it been like living with the e63 and has it lived up to my expectations?

Well, it’s been really good. It’s a wonderful little phone nad any technical issues I’ve had have mainly been to do with 3Mobile’s not quite reliable push email service rather than the phone itself.

Battery life six months in? I’ve noticed in the last couple of days the battery is draining quite a lot faster than it used to. Yes, push email does mean that the battery life drains at a quicker rate but it hasn’t actually let me down in that department at all. I’ve recently purchased a Nokia BH-105 bluetooth earpiece and of course that also adds to the drain.

I’ve kept the phone in pristine condition with covers – firstly a crystal case specifically designed for the e63. It was great but got cracked very quickly due to the rough wear and tear it got in my pocket with my keys, mp3 player and other bits and pieces. I replaced it with another crystal case (they were only $10 each at Paddy’s Markets in Haymarket, Sydney) but it too succumbed to cracks and splits.

Now I have a silcone cover and have put the supplied adhesive protection plastic over the screen of the phone. So far the combination has worked well and the phone is still looking terrific when it’s naked 😉

The e63 is quite well laid out as far as logical controls are concerned. There’s been a few things I didn’t understand but a quick check of the manual solved those. I noticed the menu selections and such can be a little slow to respond at times but that’s not a huge inconvenience. If there’s one thing that does bug me it is probably to do with the viewing of pdfs. I’ve loaded bus timetable pdfs to the phone’s memory and I do look them up on a regular basis. Opening a pdf is fine but scrolling from page to page is interminable. Yes, you can use the menu’s ‘go to page’ feature but sometimes you just like to scroll up and down a pdf and it simply takes forever for the e63 to do this.

Opening the gallery and viewing photos I’ve taken on the phone can also be a bit slow as well. But seriously, these are minor complaints in the big scheme of things. I’ve got to live with this phone for at least 2 years and these kinds of complaints are not going to drive me insane. The phone more than makes up for those little annoyances with all the positive stuff.

Normally I don’t like or use camera phones but I have used the Nokia e63 to take some shots and they’ve been good. The pictures look kind of ‘flat’ but the quality and colours are fine. Not so good for night time shots with or without flash but hey, it’s a phone I’ve bought, not a professional camera!

I downloaded the Nokia e63 desktop software and have used it many times to transfer pictures from the phone to my computer. Very, very easy. I’ve also used the software to modify my contacts list and delete old text messages and that’s been really easy to do as well.

How’s the sound quality of the e63? Good! I had a bit of trouble hearing at the beginning until I realised I needed to turn the volume up and then voila! – no more hearing problems. I adjusted the look of the menus to display as grids rather than icons and that’s been terrific and made everything so much easier. Also increased the font size to large which is also a help.

Emails can be a little difficult to read without my glasses because the font is so small – would love to be able to increase the size of that. But that may well be to do with 3Mobile’s email service. I noticed when I installed a recent software update from 3, the font did get a little easier to read for emails.

So what’s my verdict on living with my ruby red Nokia e63? It’s GUILTY….of being a fabulous and fun phone to have. I still love the novelty of it so that’s a good thing – I’m still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase after 6 months – always a good sign!



  1. Hi great phone I would like to know how to delete my growing list of push email addresses I go to compose and type in say the letter g and a list of addresses starting with g automatically pop up I have tried to delete them with the clear button but they keep returning please help

  2. Hi.. just bought an E63 on a whim. i dont actually “need” any of the functionality..but great to read this review…I think I have made the right choice.

    • I’ve had mine for 9 months now and am still loving it!

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