JudgeG vs Windows 7: a long, dirty fight but I won!

Windows 7...finally working after a long fight!

Oh my god, what a weekend! What a four days, in fact!

I was up until 5am on Monday morning fighting with my PC trying to install Windows 7. My PC did a little freak-out attack after getting about 95% through the installation – it rebooted, the screen was black and that was the end of it. Arghhhh!

I’d spent the whole weekend backing everything up multiple times just in case. Then I went over to Yoda’s place for a few hours to fix up his PC woes and also to lend him an external DVD drive as his had developed Tourette’s Syndrome over a period of months.

By the time I got to finally install Windows 7 it was coming up to midnight. And then disaster struck. It was a quite bizarre sight – me on the floor with the PC ripped open at 1.30am installing a new graphics card. Screwdrivers everywhere…and I hate going inside computers – scares me senseless. But it had to be done.

A new monitor purchased to replace my long term one (which had developed intermittent habit of not working) did not help the situation. The Acer X193W is not one of my better purchases. There’s nothing actually faulty with it – no dead pixels or anything – its just a bloody awful monitor that gives me eyestrain like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve spent hours adjusting colours, gamma, brightness, contrast…downloading drivers, trying to control it via the graphics card control panel etc. etc. It’s just a harsh and awful monitor.

But I digress….after surgery and more reboots than I care to remember, I finally got Windows 7 installed and sort of working. But it wouldn’t recognise my modem even with drivers installed. D-Link does not have Windows 7 drivers for my model modem so it just refused to work with Windows 7 (and vice-versa). It kept generating an unrecognised USB device message. Every 30 seconds!

I finally had a flash that I should try and connect by ethernet and voila! – internet connection instantly sprang to life. I was then able to download the updates and so on to get the thing moving. Program installations would have to wait for another day…week…month. There are about 100 programs I need to reinstall and it’s going to take a long time.

Bizarrely, even though I did a clean install, it kept my all my old files and put them into a directory called windows.old – and then told me they were there but that I couldn’t actually use them for anything! That was nuts. I’ve spent a bit of tonight deleting a lot of the 23 gigabytes it saved under windows.old.

Every time you install a new operating system it’s a nightmare. And if you don’t do it for a couple of years, you forget how horrific it will actually be. So you do it and then realise half way through that it is 100 times worse than you remember. And all those gazillion programs you have – the ones you’ve bought off the net and don’t have discs for and the ones you do have discs for (but are upgrades and need the former version discs to install successfully) and the ones you don’t remember you even had installed – until the next time you try and do something very specific that requires that program and you’re screwed!

Even at work yesterday and today, Windows 7 and my PC has been constantly on my mind. I just wanted to have everything working 100% I had an issue with installing Office XP Professional (and no I’m not going to upgrade to Office 2007 because it’s too expensive) and it kept freezing on a certain file being copied. To cut a very long and painful story short, I used Windows 7 new error log to determine that part of the disc was not accessible. And then sure enough, the actual disc had something sticky on part of it. Once I’d cleaned that off, it installed easily.

My status at the moment is this: Windows 7 is installed and working. As is Eudora Pro x 3 times, Photoshop Elements 6, Firefox 3.5, my internet security suite, Office XP Professional and CC Cleaner – a fab little program that cleans out junk files. I am fully connected to the net and am back in business. The monitor still hurts my eyes but wearing glasses helps a bit.

After all the pain and heartache and the sleepless night, what’s my verdict on Windows 7?

I love it. I absolutely love it. It feels fast, responsive, smooth and looks crisp and clean. It just does things in an easier way and looks sexy while it does those things. I love the big icons on the larger toolbar, the new layout for Control Panel and just the overall feel of the thing. It ticks my boxes baby!

As I said, I have a gazillion programs to reinstall that were designed for Windows XP – so I may be screaming from the rooftop and changing my mind about Windows 7 if they don’t install properly. Only time will tell. I managed to avoid the whole Vista debacle by reading PC magazines and keeping in touch with websites, blogs and news stories about it. I’m so glad I did – Windows 7 feels like a really nice way to move on from XP. Oh, and I love the gadgets – I have the weather, the time, the date and my hard drive/memory usage as gadgets on the desktop. Love it, love it, love it!

And finally, James will no doubt put a comment on here about how fabulous Linux is and how it’s better than sex and so on…. Others will probably crap on about how faaaaabulous Apple Macs are. I’ve heard it all before.

So let me just say here and now: I have no interest in moving to Linux. I also hate the Evil Apple Empire and would rather go back to using a 1989 Wang computer than ‘go Mac.’ Yes, Microsoft is a greedy, evil corporation that have actively made decisions that have screwed over their customer base time and time again. I’m not defending them at all. But I’m a Windows boy – I have been since 1991 and Windows 3.0 – and I still will be for some time to come. I won’t be moving to Google Chrome – the thought of my files and stuff being out there in ‘the cloud’ scares the bejesus out of me! I want my PC, my operating system, my programs and my files here at home on my own PC thank you very much! Call me old fashioned.

So it’s Windows 7 for me. And it feels sleek and sexy. And I like it like that!



  1. PS. You’ve moved to Firefox, so why not Linux?

    • Never in a million years!

      It’s Windows 7 for JudgeG.

      Each to their own 😉

  2. Yes, you’re right. Here’s my post about how fabulous Linux is, and how it took me 15 minutes to download, and less to install. And I feel sexy also. I used to LOVE Windows and HATE mac, but I’ve changed. I’m a Linux boy these days. I love Mint on my desktop and Jolicloud on my eee. No spam. No viruses. No drivers problems. And you don’t support either empire. One day, I’ll convert you. James

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