My Birthday Present: Anything But iPod!

Semsational & Sexy: Sansa View

Darling Yoda bought me the perfect birthday present this year. Very happy, Jan!

It wasn’t easy because every goddamn shop in the country sells those awful Evil Apple Empire things called iPods. And they don’t offer much else. Yoda had to be pointed to…er, I mean…had to discover for himself, a special online shop that imported them from the USA and sold them in Australia. As you may know, I am a frequent visitor to: – I did not want anything Apple-related soiling my beautiful hands!

I’ve always been a Sandisk boy when it comes to mp3 players…or m3p players as I called them for a long time! 😉 My very first one was an e130 and then a Sansa e250 which I loved. This was replaced by an e260 which I’m still using at the moment. I’ve loved them all. I’ve even bought a couple of Sandisk players for Yoda over the years. He’s also a fan.

And now comes the ultimate….the one I thought I would never have….the Sansa View…and the 16 gigabyte Sansa View…I wasn’t expecting that. I’m as happy as a pig in shit! I’ve unboxed it, charged it up and played with it a little bit but I won’t start using it until a silicone case I’ve ordered from eBay arrives. I have a very nasty habit of scratching and dropping electrical things and I don’t want the View to suffer in this way. My e260 already looks like someone’s been at it with a diamond cutter 😉

I had a look on Youtube tonight for videos about the View – I love the unboxing ones, they’re like porn to me! Anyway I found a gazillion videos but it was the sales/hype ones that I just cracked up over. Super camp…Welcome back Keith!

In this second video, I am not the black man nor am I the white woman.

Super special thanks to best friend Yoda for the best birthday present evah!


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  1. If I had seen that first infomercial with Keith I probably wouldn’t have bought it! I hate that kind of fake, plastic advertising.

    At least in the second one, the woman was watching the BBC. Shows some class, 🙂

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