Sydney in Summer: Day 1

Today is the first official day of summer in Sydney. Well, for the whole of Australia actually 😉

So I thought I’d put up a few sunny-Sydney photos I took recently on a very hot day.

A hot daywhen the trains were broken and I had to walk to Luna Park, wait for a ferry, get on a ferry to Balmain and then catch a bus the rest of the way home.

Ah, Sydney life…..what can you say?



  1. Happy Birthday Good Buddy! Hope you’re having a great day! ;-))

    • Thanks Freddo. I did have a good day and night…and then the day after I seemed to have had food poisoning combined with a hangover. Luckily it’s the day after the day after now and I’m almost back to normal.

  2. Great pictures, my friend. I miss Sydney!!

    Hope you’re having an awesome birthday!!


    • Thanks darl. Unfortunately I think I got a bit of food poisoning so Saturday was a complete write-off. Still had a good time Yoda and got good presents – my new Sansa View is dear to my heart!

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