What every young girl seems to aspire to thesedays

Trailer Trash Barbie

Trailer Trash Barbie


Socialising with the Adelaide boys!

Boys night out at the Hampshire in Adelaide

Yoda and I had a fabulous time last night catching up with Darren, David & his partner Ben at the Hampshire Hotel. Paul K was supposed to come along but had some family dramas that changed his plans.

It was wonderful to meet David’s partner Ben who really is a lovely guy. Darren was his usual irascible self! The weather was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a summer night with good company and a few bevvies.

The Hampshire Hotel itself needs a good shot of proper management. Only one bar person on for a night before a public holiday. Crazy. But we took it all in our stride. At least the one bartender was a hottie! 😉

The dreaded ‘A’* word came up quite a lot during the night but that’s because David & Ben were regaling us with tales of their trips to Sweden and New York which had quite an A-related component. Sounds like they’ve had an absolute blast on their travels and met a lot of fantastic people. Including a Swedish lady who really took them under her wing.

All too soon it was midnight and we were being turfed out by the enthusiastic lesbian security guard. Lots of hugs and photos taken and then it was time to walk back to the place we’re staying at.

Thanks guys for a terrific night.

(A = Abba (but don’t tell anyone!)

Balfours Boys

Post-Christmas Sale Crowds in Adelaide

2009 Post-Christmas Sale Crowds in Adelaide's Rundle Mall

Yoda and I braved the crowds at the post-Christmas sales in Rundle Mall today. I got a couple of shirts for work and a fun new hat to protect my delicate dome from the intense Adelaide sunshine. Yoda bought some bright T-Shirts and shorts for his upcoming cruise.

Yoda will be cruising around Western Australia and a few islands in Indonesia for two weeks. He needed some light, fun cruise-wear and I’m happy to say ‘mission accomplished.’

We then stopped off for a Balfours moment. After all, we are in Adelaide! Yoda had a Green Frog Cake and I had a traditional Pasty (of course).

Balfours Frog Cake - an Adelaide icon

Balfours Traditional Pasty

The Judge, The Hat and The Pasty.

Adelaide is just a little bit gay ;-)

Adelaide even has an arcade for us!

Get Bent in Adelaide!

Boxing Day Sales obviously ;-)

Imelda gets into the Boxing Day spirit 😉

Today is the first day of the post-Christmas sales in Adelaide. Looks like Imelda Marcos is ready!

Christmas Day in Stockholm

Christmas in Stockholm, 25/12/2009

Stockholm looks gorgeous in this webcam shot taken around 11.30am (Swedish time) today – Christmas Day 2009. Thanks to Steve Cleary for pointing this out to me.

Merry Christmas from the Judge!

Merry Christmas from Victoria Square, Adelaide

JudgeG (and Yoda) wish everyone a very Merry Christmas wherever you are in the world. In Adelaide it looks a bit sunny and a bit cloudy outside and we’re heading to a top of 25C. Just right for a summer Christmas Day.