Christmas in Adelaide beckons….

Adelaide on my mind 😉

…and what do you suppose my mind is on? Family? Friends? Presents?

Well, yes of course but there’s a little piggy inside JudgeG that’s crying out ‘BALFOURS! PIG OUT!!!’

Sure they might have twelve-step programs and Betty Ford Clinics for detoxing from alcoholism, drugs and so on…but I can’t see they’re ever going to be able to invent a cure for my addiction to Balfours Pasties.

The most I ever had in one day was four. And my god, did I feel bloated and a bit sick after that. I was waddling around like a penguin. But it’s not my fault, see? It’s an addiction, an illness if you like. I blame society. Or at least that damn bakery in Adelaide!

And of course I can’t escape their propaganda anywhere when I’m back home (as the picture below clearly shows). I can get a ‘hit’ any time day or night with those 24 hour convenience stores in the city.

Not even the public shame of going through the airport scanner with my stash stops me…“Are they ALL pasties?,” the security screener exclaims rather too loudly whilst looking confused… “it’s just that I’ve never seen that many together.”

Hmmmph. Everyone’s a critic!

It's beginning to look a lot like....Adelaide!

Now if only Balfours could invent a 97% Fat Free pasty, I’d be in heaven!



  1. Watch your carbs Judge….remember you have to fit into those buggie smugglers that you bought………..

    • I think you mean ‘budgie smugglers’ 😉 And no, I don’t have any. You’ve reminded me that I don’t have any bathers at all at the moment. Well, I’m not likely to dive into a hotel pool in my undies like Yoda did in Vegas. Mayve it’s time to visit the ‘sensible swimwear shop’ for JudgeG!

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