Swedish Christmas Bazaar in Sydney

Yesterday the Swedish Church in Sydney held their annual Christmas Bazaar. James and Yoda study Swedish at the cafe located next to the Swedish church and naturally wanted to check out the bazaar. I was asked to tag along but was stuck waiting for a Woolies Homeshop order to arrive before I could jump in the shower and head into town.

I eventually arrived at the Christmas Bazaar about an hour late but stil in plenty of time to see everything. It’s a micro-bazaar and I couldn’t help but think how much bigger and better it could be with a bit of proper management and publicity behind it. Still, not to say we didn’t have a good time – we did – just that I kept envisioning how much better it could be with me running things behind the scenes 😉

The Bazaar is held in a closed-off lane behind the church. It’s a strange location and many passers-by were quite bemused when they saw the banner and the activity as they walked by the normally obscure little lane off Elizabeth Street.

Yoda and James bought raffle tickets and both won! SAS airline glasses which looked like they were from the 70s – tres cool! And a selection of Swedish language books including a songbook for Ållsang På Skansen. Both were happy with their prizes.

Afterwards we retired to a couple of local pubs to get out of the heat and have a few refreshing beverages!

Here’s a gallery of photos I took at the bazaar. They’re shown small on this page but they’re really quite large shots – you can click on them to see much bigger versions.



  1. re: you organising events. Guess where the SMH Xmas party will be? The Glenmore Hotel!

  2. A great fun afternoon, and love the pics JudgeG. More tales here..


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