Avoiding Katy Perry

Ever since singer Katy Perry sued Australian fashion designer Katie Perry, she’s been on my ‘people I’d most like to see burned at the stake’ list.

If you don’t remember the story, Katy Perry (the slag singer from the U.S.) sued Katie Perry, a fasion designer just because she had the same name. Two facts to remember: U.S. singer Katy Perry isn’t actually Katy Perry – that’s not her real name. And secondly, Australia’s Katie Perry had been trading with her (real) name before the (fake) U.S. singer Katy Perry made it huge.

So we have Katie Perry, an Australian fashion designer being sued by a fake Katy Perry – a b-grade slag singer from the U.S. The legal action only stopped when the media got hold of the story and it all blew up. Did slag Katy Perry apologise to innocent fasion Katie Perry? No, of course not!

Anyway, it all presented a bit of a dilemma for me because I’d fallen in love with the song ‘Hot and Cold.’ This was slag Perry’s follow up to her megahit ‘I Kissed A Dog (and I licked it)’. There was no way I was going to putting any of my hard earned moolah into slag Perry’s coffers but I did love the song.

The solution?

I found the solution last night thanks to 7digital.com and Almighty Records in the U.K. Almighty have done one of their fabulous cover versions of the song. Dance-pop at it’s best. GBP1.29 for a 4 track download single from 7Digital. So I now have ‘Hot & Cold’ Almighty Anthem Mix and Anthem Radio Edit plus two other versions. JudgeG is very happy about this! Hot & Cold will be appearing on my Sansa E260 mp3 player very soon!


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