7Digital.com – my alternative to the Evil Apple Empire

There are two things I hate above all with today’s commercial music sales environment – downloading songs and Apple’s strangehold on the market.

I like physical CDs and CD singles. Until recently I’d never considered purchasing music downloads – instead I’d go to extraordinary lengths to source the physical discs from the other side of the world if necessary. I’d downloaded a few old 12″ tracks from the 80s from Youtube because they are unavailable commercially in any shape or form. But that’s been about it.

Recently I had to admit defeat and realise that there were a few songs I really wanted that I could not get as CD singles. What to do? I hate Apple with a vengeance. After very bad experiences with a malfunctioning iPod shuffle and iTunes crashing my computer, I made a personal vow to never have anything to do with the Evil Apple Empire again. I won’t have any of their software on my computer and that’s an issue since they have a virtual monopoly over the paid download music market.

There are other contenders but their range is limited particularly when it comes to foreign, obscure and back catalogue tracks. What to do, what to do?

7Digital.com - here to save us from the Evil Apple Empire

Coming to my (at least partial) rescue has been 7Digital.com, a paid music download service from the U.K. I’ve found it’s really my kind of service. I don’t have to install any proprietary software and it doesn’t try and take over my computer. I signed up for an account and the only hitch was that it wanted me to be in the U.K. I solved that by putting a London postcode in my registration details. Problem solved!

I used 7Digital again last night to buy tracks from Almighty Records, The Saturdays, Paul Van Dyk and a classic 12″ Soft Cell mix from the 80s: Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go. The prices were very reasonable – 99p per track and some even cheaper than that. One was only 50p. My kind of prices!

Downloading the tracks was relatively simple – you can do them together as a big zip filed or individually. There’s a thing called 7Digital Locker to help you but I’ve found that a bit useless. I just download them in the normal way.

Physical CDs are still my preference and I still go out of my way to purchase them but I have to admit defeat sometimes and realise that 7Digital may be the way to go in the future when tracks are only available on download.

The following bit of pop campness also came to my attention solely through 7Digital – I’d never heard of it before. It’s a hooty version of a classic 80s track…


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