Extreme faggotry…..with Alcazar

Christmas…..Alcazar…..Wham….it all adds up to extreme faggotry in this video which redefines uber-campness and resets the bar so high it may never be breached. Unless it’s by another Alcazar video!

Sometimes it’s just f****** fabulous to to be a fag!

While I’ve always hated the original version of this songs, I will be coughing up whatever moolah is required to own Alcazar’s version. It’s just sooooooooooo Gay.

And so is JudgeG.

(thanks to Gustav for spotting this piece of cinematic homosexuality)



  1. Why am I so not surprised you love this one?? I thought it was just okay. I prefer the version by your fellow countryman, Darren Hayes.

    • Visual imagery. That’s what it’s all about. The song is the song but the film clip is sooooooooooo Gay!

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