Surviving 41C….at IKEA

JudgeG as Hagar

JudgeG as Hagar

Holy Hectopascals! How do you survive a 41 degree day in Sydney? Well, for James the answer was going to IKEA. And he roped me into going too.

James and Yoda have their last Swedish lesson for the year on Tuesday night and there’s going to be a bit of a Christmas party. Everyone has to bring along Swedish food and so it was another trip to IKEA for James (and for me, deputising for Yoda who is on a 4-day astronomy bus trip around country New South Wales).

JudgeG’s flat was sweltering by 11.30am this morning but outside felt like someone was holding a giant hair dryer in the sky and pointing it towards Sydney. It felt like blast furnace. In agreeing to accompany James to IKEA I was aware that at least their would be air conditioning at the end of the journey. And luckily for us, all trains we caught were air conditioned too.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, IKEA is full of Swedish Christmas decorations and other goodies. Like Juleskum. Juleskum? They look nicer than they sound. We had to go through the entire store first to look at all the weird and wonderful Scando-creations and giggle at all the funny Swedish names they were called.

The place was packed – particularly with screaming kiddies but at least it was very well airconditioned. All of Rhodes Shopping Centre was thank god! We noticed there was a new Target and some new smaller shops so naturally we went to have a sticky beak. I also picked up a bluetooth headset for my gorgeous Nokia e63 mobile phone at last. I picked up the Nokia BH-105 which is charging in the lounge room as we speak! I’m hoping it’s going to be a good purchase and not a dud.

James feeling a little Christmassy at IKEA Back at IKEA James scoured the mini-Swedish food mart looking for something particularly Christmassy that doesn’t actually require any preparation, cooking or even heating up. Something wrapped in plastic and ready to eat!

The final choice was some kind of biscuit thing that looked Christmassy and only cost $6.95 for 9. James’ kind of value! He also picked up Yoda’s contributions to the party from the IKEA freezer chest – those little green pastry things that look like they’re coated in plutonium or nuclear waste. Apparently they’re a Swedish delicacy. At least it wasn’t pickled herring – that would have been going too far.

All about Christmas in Sweden The photo on the right gives you a good run down of Christmas in Sweden (click on any of these pics to see larger versions) where the winters are long, dark and cold. As opposed to the Sunday shopping days in Sydney where the weather is like living in a blast furnace! James pointed out that it was 8C in Stockholm today. Yes, that’s way too cold but 41C is just insane. Couldn’t we meet somewhere in the middle – say about 23C?

An airconditioned train ride back to the city was followed by a hot walk to the bus stop, a long bus ride and another 10 minute walk in this frightful November weather. I’m home now – fans are on, windows are open and I’m trying not to move too much. Gotta stay cool! We’re due for a cool change and a thunderstorm tonight so hopefully that means I’ll be able to get to sleep.

And dream of ducted airconditioning no doubt.



  1. […] Here is a link to his post. James at IKEA And then his friend also did a rather hilarious post. More shopping at IKEA I particularly love the information in the ad about Christmas traditions in Sweden. (Just click on […]

  2. “4-day astronomy bus trip” – WTF? has Yoda gone insaaaaane?

  3. Thanks for the tips. I will be attending Swedish class on Tuesday in a full-length white gown with Lingonberry in my hair. I wish 🙂 Nice post and I’ve stolen a pic, though with attribution.

    • I found your IKEA tale thanks to James. Very funny stuff. Juleskum makes me laugh too at my local grocery here in Stockholm. By the way, it is cold and dark here. I would gladly trade you for some hot weather.

      • Thanks for the feedback Sandra. James alerted me to your site some time ago and I really enjoyed reading it. I actually really like your comments on Australia too. Great to see it from an ‘outsiders’ point of view 😉

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