I hate Dendy Opera Quays so much it’s like flames on the side of my face

Last weekend’s Nordic Film Festival in Sydney was completely ruined by the absolutely disgusting and unprofessional performance of Dendy Opera Quays cinema.

I have not been able to write about this – or anything else – since then because I have been so angry, so violently angry that I was afraid of what I would write on this page. Fantasies of destruction and slow, painful torture for the management and staff have never been far away from my mind in the last week. So better to write nothing at all.

The Nordic Embassies who worked together to put on the Nordic Film Festival Sydney 2009 should be hanging their heads in shame. Shame, shame, shame. It was a complete and utter farce.

I joined the Dendy Cinemas Club in anticipation of this festival. Now I doubt I’ll ever visit any Dendy again.

Stupid, dumb, lazy, unprofessional, anti-cinema bunch of arseholes….that’s Dendy Opera Quays.

As you can see, the anger hasn’t quite left me just yet….I’m going to wait until it does before trying to write more about the nightmarish experience.


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