Photos from the Horse Shack, Sweden (with love to Gustav)

When I returned back from the big overseas holiday in August, I was supposed to gather all the photos I’d taken during the Sweden part of the trip. They were supposed to be put on a CD or DVD and sent to my host in Sweden, the gorgeous Gustav.

I got as far as ‘tagging’ all the pics taken in Sweden in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I’d work out how to transfer the tagged photos onto a CD at a later point. However, when I went back in to the program, the tag had disappeared from all the pics. A quirk of technology? Or a quirk of a jerk who doesn’t know how to use the technology?

Anyway, that’s where it ended. I’ve done nothing since. Bad Boy Bubby! An email from Gustav this morning hinted that he’d really like to see some photos of the ‘Horse Shack’ – the little wooden cabin we stayed in near Ullared in the west of Sweden.

So, feeling very guilty, I sprang into action. What follows is a gallery of shots from the Horse Shack. When you click on each shot, it will take you to a much larger version. I’ve kept the size deliberately large so Gustav can get a good feel of those few days in the middle of nowhere 😉



  1. I think it look fab! Imagine all the hiking, jogging, etc. you could do from there.

    • Hiking? Jogging? Are you kidding? I get enough exercise from walking around shopping centres!

  2. OMG, you can buy Bilar at IKEA. Very addictive.

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