CD Singles are NOT dead!

…at least not to me.

I bought 3 tonight. It was a challenge – they’re so bloody hard to find thesedays. They might be disdained by today’s vacuous Generation-Nothings, but I will always love them.

CD Single: Heavy Cross by GOSSIP

CD Single: Heavy Cross by GOSSIP

First up is the fabulous ‘Heavy Cross’ by GOSSIP. Saw this on Video Hits ages ago and could never remember the name of it whenever I went to a record shop. Not that many shops would have even have had the physical single anyway…but I *did* remember it tonight. And was very excited to be able to buy it. It even has remixes! I may even break down and buy GOSSIP’s album. Just love their sound. And the lead singer…what a ball breaker…amazing woman!

CD Single: Like It Like That

CD Single: Like It Like That

And who would have thought that right-wing religious freakazoid Guy Sebastian would actually release a good song after all these years. He’s been addicted to ‘N’ rock for years – and that’s gone down like a bowl of cancer with the general public. Then he did the predictable ‘Memphis’ abum – because it was either an album of covers or being thrown off the record label and into oblivion. But now he’s actually put out a real pop song. Incredible! There must be a Jesus!

CD Single: The Last Day On Earth

CD Single: The Last Day On Earth

And this one, The Last Day On Earth by Late Miller-Heidke who would have to be one of the most underrated, overlooked performers in Australia. She had a stunning single a year or so ago called ‘Words’ that I absolutely fell in love with. It tanked, as did just about everything else she has released. But finally, she has a fully certified 100% genuine hit. And it is quite stunning, startling and emotional…here it is from Youtube.


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  1. i love cd singles . i get artwork and extended versions and non album b-sides.

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