There’s just too much niceness in the world

…or at least seems that way. You can’t say “boo to a lesbian” these days. Or is that “boo to a goose”? Well anyway, I was forcefully reminded of this T-Shirt sent to me by a rather sick (minded) friend in America. Someone who knows me and my sense of humour well. Too well actually 😉

Sometimes I just want to wear this T-Shirt everywhere

Sometimes I just want to wear this T-Shirt everywhere

I don’t know if I’m just in a cantankerous mood tonight but I just feel like putting on this T-Shirt and walking around town.One more ‘free hug’ and I’m going to overdose on sugar.

Can’t we just tell it like it is sometimes?

Can’t we just say ‘pass the fucking pheasant,’ occasionally?

Earlier tonight I read on another web site that I was ‘patronising and wankerish’. I jumped for joy! ‘You like me, you really like me,’ I screamed (ala Sally Field at the Oscars).

What I meant of course was ‘you read what I wrote and you got pissed off. Hooray!’ People can’t agree with what you say and think ALL of the time. Sometimes they’re going to think I’m a patronising wanker and that’s okay. In fact, often I actually am a patronising wanker. I was born this way!

I love my friends, really love them and appreciate them so much….but if, from time to time, they hate me and scream at me and we have an all-out slagfest…that’s great. It proves I’m alive. It proves they’re alive.

It’s just that these days everyone has to be soooo tewwwibly, tewwwibly NICE – all the time, 24/7. Couldn’t we do 70%/30%…or even 80%/20%? Hell, at this point I’m ready to settle for 90%/10%.

I’m all for land rights for Gay whales and stuff like that. But I’m also for a bit of Alexis/Krystal biff sometimes!

"You evil bitch!"

"You evil bitch!"


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  1. deep breaths!
    maybe u could prove ur aliveness by bungee jumping? easier for the rest of us!

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