How old are you?

I might have been a toddler and then a primary schooler back in the 1960s but there are still early memories I remember vividly. Songs that have stuck with me for around 40 years. And certainly a few that were special to my Mum and also resonated with me. Although we didn’t have the word ‘resonate’ back then!

Mum had a good pop sensibility. She knew what was good pop music and what was going to be a hit. Maybe that’s why I turned into such a popslut? Neither of us had any musical talent but we both loved music.

There’s a couple of real oldies I found on youtube that have never left me.

Tar and Cement. I found myself thinking about this song as my brother, my Dad and I drove around the suburbs of Adelaide last weekend.

I Don’t Wanna Play House. Mum use to tear up over this one.

Rose Garden. What a classic!

I’ll always associate these songs with my mother and my early childhood. Makes me feel incredibly old at this point πŸ˜‰ It also reminds me of some of the prices back then. A bread roll was 3 cents, a pasty was 11 cents, an iceblock was 3 cents and a ‘medium bottle of coke’ was 5 cents. You could get 4 aniseed balls for a cent and also 4 tarzan jubes for a cent. You could also get 5 cents hot chips from the local fish & chip shop. I think the train ride into town was also 5 cents.

Last week in Adelaide I paid $1 for a bread roll and $3.20 for a Balfours Pasty! Yep, my childhood years certainly were a loooooooong time ago πŸ˜‰


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