Goddamn breeders and their evil sprogs. Arghh!

Little Johnny can't do anything wrong according to Mum & Dad

Little Johnny can't do anything wrong according to Mum & Dad

Bloody breeders. Popping out their spawn and then treating them like dolls in an artificial world where they get anything and everything they want. On demand. Right bloody now.

I’ve had enough of ’em.

Today I traversed buses, trains, shopping centres, the city and a cinema. And I came to the conclusion that, not only should their be a licence and a test that you need to pass before you’re allowed to have children, but that some dumbf***s need to be bloody well sterilised for the good of the world. The universe even.

We have a Government policy that encourages breeding and pays the breeders $5,000 smackers when they pop out a sprog. Now, initially I thought that was a good idea. Maybe it appealed to my secret fear that the country is about to be taken over by terrorists and people with dark black teatowels. Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to give parents a kick start to say ‘don’t wait until you’re 50 and rich – do it now, do it often!’

Well I think I was wrong.

Who knew that all these Debbie-Sues and Jason-Marks would go out and have one child each and treat them like dolls. Like Princes and Princesses who get no sense of discipline or boundaries but who grow up thinking they are the entire centre of the whole f***ing universe.

And then they take these evil sprogs out and parade around shops and cinemas and expect everyone else in the whole world is going to bend over backwards to get out of their way. ‘Baby on Board’ seems to have morphed into ‘I have a child so I can do whatever I want and so can the kid.’ They have this unbelievable sense of entitlement. Some of these breeders need to be transported to another planet.

There’s over 6 billion people on this little globe we call ‘Earth’ and we’re all doing our own little dance. If we don’t realise that it actually isn’t all about us, we’re doomed.

At the supermarket, walking along the street, everywhere – you see them. Mrs & Mrs Breeder walking and parading around with little Tayla-Mahalia or little Mitchell-Jack as if they own the whole goddamn world. They walk over you – not just in front of you. They have no concept that they’re part of a heaving metropolis of people who have just as much right as they have to live their life. They don’t stop their kids from being obnoxious little shits, they just let them do whatever they want. And if something goes wrong – if little Tayla-Mahalia actually gets hurt – well, it’s everyone else’s fault except for the parents. It’s the Government’s fault, it’s the shopping mall’s fault, it’s society’s fault – they never look at where they blame really lies: with their awful, awful parenting.

They’re bringing up a generation of spoilt rotten designer-shoe wearing evil sprogs. And the rest of us are suffering the price.

Once upon a time there were well behaved children. Maybe it was because their parents had commonsense? Or maybe it was because they had brothers and sisters and couldn’t possibly make the mistake of thinking they were they were the centre of the whole world. Mum & Dad had to spread their love, attention and limited funds between 3 or more kids.

But now Tayla-Mahalia or Mitchell-Jack is the only sprog in the family. And Mummy & Daddy have replaced commonsense parenting with credit cards and material possessions.

Bring back a good smack on the arse and a stint on the ‘naughty step’. Or some down-time in the ‘naughty cupboard.’

Makes me think there need to be designated areas around the city that are marked: ‘NO BREEDERS! NO SPROGS!’ So the rest of us can just go about our business and our lives in peace.



  1. i can’t believe you’d say that the wonderful miracle of child birth is no different than eating food and shitting out a turd…. oh wait you didn’t, i just did, and what it really was, was a quote from the late great bill hicks.

    i agree with much of your post, ppl seem to think sharting out spawns is the “meaning of life”, unfortunately many of the same ppl are going to indoctrinate their children with religious brainwashing as well. a viscious cycle, that will cater only to man-kind’s eventual demise.

    i would like to see a licensing system, unfortunately in our current system, only right wing, jeebus or muhammed loving religious zealots would get such a license. or why not just hold only the extremely rich responsibile enough for breeding. a double edged sword if there ever was one. unfortunately to go the route we are now, will eventually wash away the middle class completely, as the newest generation will clearly be far too stupid to maintain such a position within society, or be collectively intelligent enough to search for answer to the questions not being asked by large media outlets that dangle shiney trinkets to assauge their soft melons. what we’re going to be left with is a semi retarded workforce, a new version of compliant slavery. a stupid, growth hormoned, and mentally caged workforce incapable of grasping any idea outside those that are fed to them. it’s in full swing now give it 20 or so more years so these current pupae have time to develope into maggots they are capable of becoming.

    OTOH, i disagree with the entitlement for the breeders, if we are to have ppl discharging copies of themselves, to eventually maintain our population at a much lower than current reasonable level then we must give the responsible ones alot of room to raise the kids right, as properly raised, educated children will be a benefit 10 fold compared to the costs. materialistic entitlement is another issue altogether.

    /bad grammer ranting.

  2. Will somebody think about the children? (screams)

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