You have to pay for a cream puff in Adelaide?

Actually, they're everywhere!

Actually, they're everywhere!

Honey, I live in Sydney – we have more cream puffs than you’ll ever see in a bakery.

This sign from King William Street, Adelaide – from a shop with the strange name of ‘Beard Papa’ – really took my fancy on the weekend.

‘Cream Puff’ is another way of saying ‘Gay’ – or even just a general insult that someone is a bit flighty, a bit silly and doesn’t have much ‘up top’ (in the way of brains or common sense).

Well, Sydney is full of ‘cream puffs’ – they’re in the streets, in the pubs, on the buses…everywhere. I work with some of them. I’ve even been known to be a bit ‘cream puffy’ at times myself.

Only you don’t have to purchase a hot drink for $3 for a free cream puff in Sydney.

Just walk down the street 😉


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