Who checked the artwork before it went to press?

Now it was a nice idea.

Swedish company ‘Locum’ decided to with the Swedish public a Merry Christmas via an advertisement in a newspaper. Nothing wrong with that!

Just a little issue with the artwork, the design of their logo and perhaps the lack of someone with English skills casting an eye over the final product – before it went to press.

Actually, you wouldn’t really need English skills for great big alarm bells to start ringing as soon as you saw the proof. Or were they intending to send a completely different message to the Swedish public 😉

The idea was good...just the um, delivery lacked something!

The idea was good...just the um, delivery lacked something!

Thanks to Gustav in Sweden for this.



  1. “We would like to see as many trees as possible to live – even after Christmas. For that reason, we and our (not sure of the word) have decided not to send any Christmas cards. Instead, we want to wish all of our customers, suppliers and other stake holders a really Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…”

    • You have been doing at least some of your Swedish homework then? ;-p

  2. Love it! Did you, though that another Swedish company is having design issues? IKEA is dropping their original, iconic font, for ugly Verdana.

    • Verdana is okay in its place – general text and some headings – but not for a whole typographic image for IKEA… yuck!

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