Oh my gawd – is this Packed To The Rafters’ Hugh Sheridan?

Is this a young Hugh Sheridan?

Is this a young Hugh Sheridan?

Goodness gracious. Is this really the fabulous multi-talented Hugh Sheridan from Packed To The Rafters when he was a bit younger? Or am I on bad drugs? Check out the video below:

The hair is different but flippin’ heck…the facial features look like him! I’ve tried to find out from the internet if it is actually him but without luck. What do you think?

High Sheridan from Channel 7 TV show Packed To The Rafters as we all know him.

High Sheridan from Channel 7's Packed To The Rafters as we all know him.



  1. no its not, I showed him this and he laughed and said it looks nothing like me… brown eyes for starters.

  2. The guy in the RTA advertisements name is Scott Lynch. I went to school with him. So now, no it is not him

    • Okay thanks for the info!

  3. No it’s not Hugh. I met Hugh a few years ago – he was MUCH cuter than that. He told me he was an actor. I pinched his face and said “You are adorable – You should be in Home & Away”. He loved that…. Now he is doing much better than “Home & Away”. I only started watching Packed to the Rafters because I had met Hugh – but it’s the best Australian show since… since….. The Restless Years!!

    • Oh damn…I could have sworn it was him. Anyway, he is adorable. And a total bottom I hear. Well, good for him, he’s putting a lot of smiles on Aussie faces with his TV work now.

      • He looked much the same as he does now – he’s only 22 or something……

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