Nanne's new single - Otacksamhet

Nanne's new single - Otacksamhet

I certainly never meant for this to be a web presence about my favourite music or for sharing news about artists and groups but………..NANNE HAS A NEW SINGLE COMING OUT!!!! Arghhhh!

If you don’t know who Nanne is by now well….shame on you!

try: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanne_Gr%C3%B6nvall

Anyway, thanks to Yoda for letting me know about this.

I started to play it once tonight from Youtube and I can’t stop! The title means ‘Ungrateful’ but I don’t know what the lyrics are. I’d love a Swedish – English translation of them.

It’s not coming out as a physical single which really pisses me off but it is available to buy from: http://www.klicktrack.com/lionheart/releases/nanne/otacksamhet So that’s where I’ll be getting it from. I don’t have anything to do with the Evil Apple Empire on my computer so I always find it hard to find alternative sources to buy downloads.

Anyway, enough of the hoo-haa….this is Nanne at her best with Otacksamhet



  1. Just tried to buy t-shirt declaring “Jag måste kyssa dig” though shop seems offline.

    • What shop? I want Nanne T-Shirts too!

  2. Oh man. Good song. Downloaded it right away. Nanne is really, really good. (: I have a friend who’s a huge, HUGE fan, meets her all the time, who got me her autograph and sent it all the way to me in Canada. Hahahaha. 😛

    Interesting to see more Anglophonic Nanne fans. 😀

    • Marlo…another Nanne fan! Look, we’ll take over the world soon 😉

      Thanks for the comment.

      I did meet Nanne at a show years ago. I had my pic taken with her and talked to her (interrogated those who were with me say) about all sorts of things. She is a fantastic human being as well as being a stunning artist.

  3. I love how she mentions a gay parade and a karaoke bar.

  4. Typically Nanne. Typically fantastik!

  5. It looks like it will be released as a physical single after all. According to Ginza, it comes out next week with a karaoke version as a “b side”.

    • Okay Yoda, how do I get it! Jag vill har

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