My virtual holiday slide night: Stockholm 2009

How people have the dedication to spend hundreds of hours editing videos I have absolutely no idea.

The clip below has taken me about 8 solid hours and one ‘draft’ version that got deleted this morning from Youtube. I thought it might be fun to put some of my trip photos into a ‘slide show’ for the net backed with some appropriate music.

I chose Sarah Dawn Finer’s TV performance of ‘Stockholm By Morning’ and an instrumental version of ‘Stockholm I Mitt Hjärta’ (Stockholm In My Heart). Of course we all know Stockholm I Mitt Hjärta is sung at the beginning of every Allsång På Skansen, don’t we? You didn’t know that? Shame on you!

Anyway, here is the finished product. A kind of ‘what I did on my summer vacation’ show and tell. Or more ‘show’ actually 😉 The pictures are taken in Gustav’s home suburb, in Gamla Stan and Stockholm city as well as the Alcazar Unplugged gig. Not to mention lots from Pride Park and the Stockholm Pride Parade 2009. Just a little taste of my time in the most gorgeous city in the world.

I found the best way of watching it is to hit the HQ button and then watch it full-screen.

Feedback, comments naturally sought!



  1. Great slide show.
    So good to see you happily exploring your favourite city again…’s where you belong.
    Took me years to make the step and now I can’t get enough of it.

    • Glad you liked the slide show. I just need a jet that can get me to Sweden in 4 hours and I’d be there all the time!

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