We all need heroes

JudgeG poses with Stig Anderson bust

JudgeG poses with Stig Anderson bust

We all need heroes, don’t we.

Here’s one of mine – Stig ‘Stikkan’ Anderson.

During my recent holiday my friend Gustav took Yoda and I on a road trip of Sweden. I saw more of the country than in the 10 or so times I’d been before. We stopped at a lot of smaller places – including Hova, the birthplace of Stig.

We asked where the bust was at a local shop – only to be told we’d walked past it and it was about 30 seconds walk from the shop itself. Did we feel like dills? You bet!

Anyway, it was another ‘bucket list’ item crossed off the list. Visiting the memorial bust to a man who I had first known of when I was just 15. And someone I came to admire over the years. I certainly knew a lot about him and he certainly knew of my existence but peripherally. I even caused him a bit of trouble over the years 😉

After all this time it was finally nice to see this bust or ‘statue’ as I call it. Hard to believe he’s been dead for over a decade.

Anyway, he was one of my heroes. Still is actually.



  1. hard to believe there’s a statue of him. it’s a flattering one.

    • There was a little bit of bird poop on the back of his head but let’s not talk about that! Bjorn & Benny probably put it there!

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